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Free Audiobooks online

In my previous article, I had described the definition of audiobooks, their benefits for every age group (starting from kids to adults), and the causes of least popularity of audiobooks among people. If you have missed that article, you can simply click on the link below:

benefits of audiobooks in the modern world 2022

The topic of today’s discussion is free audiobooks online. There are many websites on internet that provide thousands of free online legal audio versions of books and offering the facility of downloading them. So, we can access and enjoy them anywhere and anytime.

The best five websites of free audiobooks online are:

  • Storynory
  • Loyalbooks
  • Openculture
  • Librivox
  • Learnoutloud


Storynory is the best website to listen free audiobooks for kids. This website provides both audio and text version of books. Many audio story books are available here like “The statue that sneezed”, “The holiday spy”, “Three donkey fables”, and many others. A variety of fairy tales, classics, educational stories, poems and music for kids are available for free on this website. Even schools can use their content.


is a free public domain of audiobooks where you can find vast collection of fairytales, historical fiction, humor, literature, poetry, science fictions and a lot more. The feature that makes this website different from others is that we can listen audiobooks in a variety of languages.


is another website from where hundreds of free audiobooks can be downloaded to your MP3 player or computer. They have a great collection of fictions, poetry and non-fictions by the authors such as Shakespeare, Austen, Asimov and many others. One good thing about this website is that all books are listed alphabetically, so it is very easy to find your favorite book.


is an online library of free audiobooks for the public to listen on computers, Ipads and other mobile devices. These audiobooks are recorded by volunteers (from any language and accent) worldwide.



is a good platform for audio and video learning, where we can find more than 50,000 free educational books, podcasts etc. This website plays a great role in educating kids, school, college and even university students.

There are also many other websites that are providing the facility of listening free audiobooks online and downloading them. We should get the most out of them for education and entertainment. People should turn their ‘idle time’ (time spent in house chores, exercising etc.) in to learning time.



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