Get set for Ramadan



!سلام یا اهل الصیام

Be grateful that you are here to catch this blessed month again. If you are sadistic, quite uncertain, and recklessly tired due to all life’s fuss and a load of sins crumbles you down, then show gratitude,

Because your soul is at home… Ramadan is here to heal you!

The word ‘Ramadan’’ is derived from the word ‘ Ramad’’ meaning ‘’burning’’.

According to Imam Qurtubi , it was named Ramadan because of the fact that it extinguish the sins of people with virtues.

Goals we should opt to make the most of Ramadan

Let’s make a difference together and thrive to achieve a fruitful life in this world and the world hereafter. Here is to-do list

1) Pray your regular salah on time. Read 4 pages of the Quran with each salah to complete the whole in a month.

2) Seek forgiveness and forgive others. Reconcile with your close people even if they wronged you. Invest in deeds to yield the best win out of it.

3) Recite Quran with slow and rhythmic recitation (Tajweed). And most importantly, strive to read its Tafseer (annotation by some intellectual), or else you can also do Tadabbur (intuition) to grasp its real meaning and purpose.

4) Talk less, Tasbeeh more. Pray Tahajjud at least once or twice a week.

5) It takes about 21 days for an individual to firmly develop some traits of good behavior. Ramadan is about quitting bad things, not putting them on pause.

6) Be kind, as it’s not very costly. Give charity either it would be some rupees or by placing a pot of freshwater for birds in this hot and humid season.

Not to-do list

1) When you’re fasting, try not to be furious and avoid indulging in some bad speech.

2) Do not take suhoor too early( just before fajar ) and do not delay to break the fast. Schedule your timings and stick to it.

3) Avoid extravagant iftar parties that spread fitna or immorality. Don’t surround yourself with people having absurd and meaningless conversations.

4) Don’t be a night owl. Be a humble human. Avoid procrastination and determine yourself to cultivate maximum harmony from this holy month.

5) Excess to everything if not bad; then surely not sufficient . It is not mandatory to eat, drink and ibadah out of your capacity.

6) Beware of burglars that reduce your reward by withering away your righteous deeds. Did you not get this? Yes, these are TV channels, wasting time on shopping, prolonged cooking recipes, evil social circles, and haram relationships.

A fasting person is a dearest to Allah Almighty and He doesn’t waste any of his/ her efforts that are made of pure niyyah.

May this Ramadan mend our Souls, flourish our Minds, and heal our Hearts.

I pray that this month will be life-changing for all of us and bring us closer to Allah SWT

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