Golden Spider City (2022) Film Explained in Hindi/Urdu Summarized

Golden Spider City (2022) Film Explained in Hindi/Urdu Summarized


The movie “Golden Spider City 2022” tells the story of Sima Kong, whose father went missing on a mission when he was just a baby. Sima grows up and finds himself forced to search for a precious pearl in a dangerous underground world to save his friend who has been captured by a dangerous goon named Zhang. Along the way, they encounter a giant spider monster guarding the pearl.

Despite Sima’s best efforts to fight the monster, it proves to be invincible. However, he discovers that the spider monster is not what it seems when a human body emerges from its head. Sima manages to defeat the creature and retrieve the precious pearl.

Upon returning to Zhang, Sima learns that the pearl is actually a key to a special city called Golden City. This city is rumored to grant people eternal life and provide cures for incurable diseases. Zhang, who is suffering from cancer, wants to go there for treatment.

Sima initially refuses to go, believing his father to be dead. However, after a series of events, he realizes that the man who emerged from the coffin is indeed his father. Sima’s friend falls unconscious due to poison, and Sima decides to embark on a journey to Golden City to save her life.

Together with his father and friend, Sima travels to Golden City in a flying ship. They encounter various challenges along the way, including attacks from a spider tribe and dark clouds. Eventually, they reach a big cave where they find clues leading them to a door that requires the pearl to open.

Inside Golden City, they discover numerous graves and statues. Sima’s friend realizes that one statue is missing, and they eventually locate it. However, when Sima fails to follow his father’s instructions and uses ordinary liquid instead of blood to open the door, a terrifying spider creature emerges from a coffin.

Sima and his father fight the spider creature but are outnumbered. Just as they are about to be overwhelmed, Zhang’s team arrives and helps fend off the spiders. Many lose their lives in the process, but Sima, his father, and his friend manage to escape.

The movie ends with the group continuing their journey through Golden City, facing unknown dangers as they search for the true secrets and treasures that lie within.

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