Good News for Pakistani Government Employees!

Good News for Pakistani Government Employees!

Today’s article is written for Government employees to share good news and congratulations.

On February 10, there was a protest program of government employees led by Rehman Ali Bajwa. The night before, the Finance Division had released breaking news on its website. The press release had issued regarding the integration of 15% disparity allowance, time scale promotion, ad hoc allowance, which I will tell you in detail.

Press Release Full Details:

On February 9, 2022, the authorities introduced on its internet site that: “The authorities have determined to provide a 15% disparity allowance on going for walks primary pay too much less privileged employees from Bs 1 to 19”.

So, these are the same employees, who were given a 25% disparity reduction allowance last year. Hopefully, the federal government has decided to give them to the employees. This allowance should pay from March 1. This package is recommended to the provinces for adoption from their funds. Summary of Time Scale Promotion has been released, and work has also started on it. The merge of ad-hoc relief allowances into pay will be decided on the report of paid and pension, commission and will merge in basic pay as per agreement.

Pay Protection Update:

All the government employees were waiting for this news. They had to wait a long time. Finally, the news came. The school education department has forwarded this summary to the finance department to include the contract service of all the contract employees, teachers, and those whose service has not too included.

This decision will bring benefits to government employees in pension, salary, and service. Their lost annual increment will be returned to them, and their salaries and basic pay will improve.

Guide the provinces:

Government employees all over Pakistan are celebrating. February 10 became Thanksgiving Day instead of Protest Day. The government has made a good decision by increasing the basic running pay of every government employee by 15%. There is great good news for employees of scale 1 to 19

The disparity allowance, which was given by the provinces voluntarily last year, was also given on the initial payment after the hard work of the government employees. But this year, the government has instructed the provinces to increase salaries by 15%. In addition, the government has taken a couple of weeks to resolve all the demands of government employees for upgrading, etc.

I hope that in the forthcoming budget, the government employees will get relief in terms of scale-wise relief, ad hoc relief, medical, and house allowance. It is a big update for government employees, and we congratulate them.

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