Hamza Ali Abbasi expresses his support for his wife Naimal Khawar

Hamza Ali Abbasi expresses his support for his wife Naimal Khawar

After facing criticism online, Naimal Khawar, a former actress, receives encouragement from her actor-husband Hamza Ali Abbasi. This comes after her sister Fiza also faced similar negativity.

The wife of the famous actor is currently facing criticism for reportedly undergoing a cosmetic surgery to change her facial appearance. In her recent videos and photo collections from a trip to the mountains with her mother and sister, many sharp-eyed internet users harshly criticized Khawar, highlighting the changes in her nose and cheeks.



Some people even went as far as to label her as a victim of unsuccessful surgeries. However, Abbasi, her loving husband, stands by her despite the criticism from social media users.

Expressing his love in a profound way, the popular actor from the TV drama “Pyarey Afzal” left a sweet comment on his wife’s recent video, filled with affectionate emojis.

In the past, Naimal’s younger sister, Fiza Khawar, also stepped in to defend her. She expressed her disappointment towards the negative comments from other women, which she found sickening. Fiza emphasized that being a public figure does not justify being cruel to someone.

Fiza requested everyone to reflect on the reasons behind their hearts being filled with darkness, leading them to bring down another woman. She encouraged practicing kindness, as it would benefit everyone’s souls. These remarks were shared on social media.



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Furthermore, many of her fans and colleagues from the entertainment industry also praised the famous personality with their kind remarks.

For people who may not be aware, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar were married in 2019 and joyously welcomed their first child, a boy called Mustafa Abbasi, in 2020.


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