Here are some amazing and mind-blowing techniques and crafts to do some amazing changes in your normal use stuff.

Colorful Mini Crafts And DIY Accessories -muft malomat

Here are some amazing and mind-blowing techniques and crafts to do some amazing changes in your normal use stuff.

Orange juice key chain: take orange-shaped rubber and cut it, put it in a small plastic wine glass, and now add glue on it and use it as a key chain.

Burger key for keyboard: If any key of your keyboard is broken, you can add up thin layers of clay to make a burger and use it as a key on the keyboard.

Honey jar cover: Take the jar’s cover and place a layer of clay in yellow color over it. Take a bubble wrap and press it over the clay and now remove. The jar cover of honey is ready.

Comb: take a Comb’s structure, pour the epoxy in it and add some small dry flowers. Your beautiful comb is ready.

Cup sheet: take an orange slice and pour epoxy over it in a structure.

Rainbow earing: take some colorful tubes of clay and put them in sequence around a bottle cap, now cut equally. attach earing piece to it and dry.

Start lights decor: make some stars by using epoxy and strangle them with lights.

Ring holder: take a lipstick in a square structure and pour epoxy over it. Dry it and now you can use it as a ring Holder.

Beautiful bangles: take a bangle structure add dry flowers and pour epoxy in it. let it dry and your beautiful bangles are ready to wear.

Butterfly earrings: take blue clay tubes and roll them over black clay tubes. Repeat the procedure several times and now cut it and attach an earring piece.

Flower gel: take a structure, place a flower, and pour epoxy over it in different colors with glitters dry it.

Donuts and chocolate bracelets: make clay donuts and clay chocolate and attach them to a bracelet.

Kitchen fruit decor: take fruit as you wish and pour epoxy over it. Let it dry and hang it on your kitchen wall.

Bear-shaped pins: take a bear structure, add colorful beads in it, and pour epoxy over it. Let it dry and place a safety pin over it.

Cookie tea bag holder: take a brown clay piece, cut it around and make the print on it with the help of a toothbrush. Now add holders to it and place them on the cup.

Broken brush: If the stick of your brush is broken, add a tube/pipe on it and fill it with epoxy. Let it dry and remove the pipe.

Fridge magnet: take metal bottle caps and place a magnet on it, put some beads on it and cover it with epoxy.

Leaf hairpin: take a leaf and cut a clay layer on it of its shape, draw lines with the help of a comb, attach a pin, and dry it.

Feather decor: take some layers of clay and cut it into the shape of a feather. draw lines on it with the help of a comb. Color it in different colors and hang it on a stand.

Heart jewelry box: take a structure and add epoxy in it now add alcohol ink in it in different colors and dry it.

Donuts USB: take a USB and cover It with brown clay, make a hole in the center and add sprinkles over it.

Shell locket: make a double shell of clay and add it into a chain, your locket is ready.

Solar system: mix shades of blue dye colors and blow them with a straw. add half a black round cup over it and hang it on the wall.

Ring: pour red epoxy into a ring structure and apply glue to a small area. Place the rings in crystals and then wear it.

Heart-shaped light: take a heart structure and Place some flowers and light in it, putting the battery outside. Pour epoxy over it and dry.

Clay earing holding box: take a reversely placed bowl and put the clay layer over it, make holes in the outskirts, and dry.

Buttons: take the button structure and place some dry flowers in it, pour epoxy over it, and dry.

Decoration: take a structure and pour epoxy on it, place a message in it and add some more epoxy over it. now add epoxy resin to it.

Rainbow pins: take a bottle cap and surround it with colorful clay color tubes, cut in equal parts, and add an earring piece.

Epoxy wire petals: Make wire petals and dip them one by one in epoxy and tie them together as a flower and attach a pin or clip to it. it’s ready to use.

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