How DNA Study can Help us in Health Improvements by Changing Lifestyle 2022

It is a common observation that our lifestyle, the way of living affects our mood and plays an important role in health as well. This is the reason that our doctors advise us to change our surroundings when we or our patients are feeling work stress or disturbed.


But the same lifestyle can have different effects on the health of different people as every person has different DNA and different characteristics. So, we cannot be sure that the lifestyle adopted by one person can be equally good for other persons as well.


Now it is possible to check that if your lifestyle and the living atmosphere is affecting you negatively or positively.


Science is so advanced now that the study of DNA plays an important role in the health benefits and treatment of different patients. The personalized epigenetics test offered by Chronomics makes it possible to study the negative and positive effects of a lifestyle on different people.


Lifestyle is a broad term that includes behavior, diet, stress, working habits, physical activity, alcohol consumption, and smoking. The genetic background of an individual and his/her lifestyle & environmental factors determine how epigenetic changes affect health factors.


Histone modification, DNA methylation, and other epigenetic mechanisms are influenced by different lifestyle factors. Chronemics is a health company that provides new kinds of information to people based on their DNA, showing them their lifestyle is affecting their health and what actions they can take to improve their health by changing their lifestyle.


They perform the test on the saliva sample provided by the customer and then they carry out the process on the basis of an AI-based platform. On the basis of these tests and processes, they provide their customers with different reports and recommendations for their personalized health and Wellness.


The process is based on the study of how the DNA of a customer is controlled by measuring epigenetic markers called DNA methylation.


The company includes data from wearables for an improved life. On the official app of the company, the customer can sign up to track their lifestyle and other important data, which they should know for the betterment of their health.


Hopefully, in the near future, we will be able to prevent many diseases just by changing our lifestyle and routine habits, which will track by DNA studies based on personalized epigenetics tests.

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