How to get clear skin | skin care Hacks

Beauty Hacks for Perfect Skin Amazing DIY hacks

How to get clear skin |skin care Hacks | Beauty Hacks for Perfect Skin | Amazing DIY Hacks


Amazing DIY hacks You Probably Don’t Know
Hack No:01
Tie up your hair with a pony. Fold up your hair inside the ponny to make a bun. Apply your favorite hair accessory, and you are ready.
 Hack No:02
Take a sock, cut its closed side, and twist it like a bonnet. Make a ponytail. Role your hair and wear a wrapped sock onto the ponytail. Cover it with your hairs around it and fix your hairs around it with a rubber band. Tie up your remaining hairs around the bun. Use any type of hair accessory and you are ready to rock.
Hack No:03
If you are wearing make-up and wanna take a bath by protecting your make-up.Took a hairband.Apply some glue on its inner side and put an X_ray on it.Wear it while bathing and your make-up are protected.
Hack No:04
If you are going out in a cold, wearing your Winter cap that is felling down because of air.Pinup its inner side with hairpins to your hair.Abd you are safe to go.
Hack No:05
To get volume in your lashes while applying mascara, apply any type of powder with a make-up brush and then apply mascara on your lashes.
Hack No:06
If your lipstick leaves mark on your teeth, try these amazing hacks to avoid.After applying lipstick kiss a tissue paper to remove the extra product and then apply baby powder on your lips with a brush to get a mate look.
Hack No:07
If you find ants anywhere in your house, spread some baby powder on that place.They will run off because they don’t like the smell.
Hack No:08
In In a bowl take some baby powder, add some water to make a smooth paste.Apply it on your face to get flawless and pimple-free glowing skin.
Hack No:09
If you find your hair gray Took some baby powder and sprinkle it on your hair.Give it a light massage with your fingers.And the hare is your dry hairs.Also, apply dry shampoo to avoid gray hairs.
Hack No:10
Comb your hair and divide them into two equal parts.Take some hairs from the sides.Tie them with a rubber band, tie another on some distance.Now again take some hair from both sides and tie them also with a rubber band in the center of the first.Take ut back from the center of the first two ponies.Repeat the same process 3 or 4 times more And then pull them back using your fingers.And hare you got a classy hairstyle.
Hack No:11
If your front hairs of baby cutting are not make them straight dip a hairpin in hot water.Putting your hair into it gently pull it down.No more rough hairs.
Hack No:12
If your heal’s ties are bot fit ir fix to you you, take a handkerchief.Tie it around your knee while carrying it under the shoe.
Hack No:13
If your hairs are sticking to your lip balm.Gently rub an ice cube on your lips to get stickiness-free lips.
Hack No:14
To get heatless curls to comb your hair in two equal parts.Took a leggy, curl it’s one side with one side hairs and second with other Wait for an hour, and your gentleness curle are ready.
Hack No:15
If your shoes are rubbed, apply some baby powder inside your heals.It will decrease friction.
Hack No:16
If you find a plaque on your chain uses baby powder to remove it.
Hack No:17
Use baby powder to remove dries and degreases while waxing.It alleviates the discomfort.
Hack No:18
If you are facing trouble wearing your skinny jeans.The use of baby powder on legs makes it easy to put on skinny jeans.
Hack No:19
Hold some hair from the front and pin them back in a triangle shape with 3 pins.And you are ready to go out.
Hack No:20
Ponny your all hairs one side, wrap some hair around the pony and style them with pins.
Hack No: 21
Hold your some hairs toward the backside and make a pony, lose it to give some space.Twist it inside and leave it.Then tie your remaining hairs with a pony.Pass this ponny from the first one.The perfect pony tail is ready.Use any type of hair accessory.
Hack No:22
Make a ponny tail.Took some hair from both sides of the pony, tie them with a rubber band, repeat it until you got your preferred length of the bread.
Hack No:23
To contour your eyebrows using a mascara brush.Apply some black pencil to it.Use this brush now to get a natural look.
Hack No:24
To enhance your lips’ beauty, apply a drop of lash glue on the edge of your upper lip.Lift it upward, hold it for 3 seconds, and hare you are.
Hack No:25
Fit your loose pants by using your earn pins as a button.
Hack No:26
Apply red nail polish on half of your nail, then spread nail shinner all over the nail.Rock with double shaded nail polish.
Hack No:27
Took a hair tie and wear it like a hairband to get rid of troubling front hairs.
Hack No:28
If you are sweating while sleeping.Use some baby powder in the bedsheet then, ut absorbs moisture.
Hack No:29
Use if baby powder in shoes eliminates the bad smell.
Hack No:30
If you are suffering from rash and sweat, use baby powder to get rid of it.
Hack No:31
If your fabric is electrified use some baby powder and more stick electricity.
Hack No:32
If you run out of your face powder, use baby powder as face powder.
Hack No:33
Tie your all hairs except some front hairs of one side.Take some of the front hairs tie a knot, and then pin it in penny Repeat it to the all front hair. Decorate these knots with fancy pins.
Hack No:34
Apply some lip balm on your eyebrows, brush them with the help of a spool.Apply dark brown eye shadow on eyebrows.Clean extra product with a tissue And you got a perfect eyebrows shape.
Hack No:35
Put both hands on your forehead, gently pull them back downwards to get rid of wrinkles.
Hack No:36
Close your eyes and gently massage around and on the eye to get rid of wrinkles and dark circles.
Hack No:37
Massage your neck from upside to downside to release neck stress.
Hack No:38
Give your skin a post-facial massage before facial.

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