How to increase the growth of plants quickly

How to Grow Plants

Life on earth is possible only due to Plants. There are roughly 18,000 species of Plants. As we all know Plants are a source of Nutrition for animals, from smaller to larger animals. Animals being heterotrophic can’t produce their own food. Plants are autotrophic, they produce their own food. They produce food by using sunlight and providing food as well as oxygen for animals. They keep the environment clean and provide us with a healthy atmosphere.

It is now very customary to ask the question as How to Grow Plants? Yes, the questions seem difficult to us but the answer is very simple. We just need to know about some indoor and outdoor plants and some external factors which affect plant growth. Let’s discuss these ones by one in little detail.

Light is the most important factor in Plants’ growth. Plants use the energy of sunlight in the process of Photosynthesis by consuming COand releasing O2. But the important thing to be stressed is to figure out how much light energy is needed? The amount of light varies from plant to plant.

Green Plants need less light energy and Flowering Plants need more. Plants, themselves, reflect light levels. Weak or spindly growth shows light deficiency and sunburn indicates an excess of light. So, the right plant should be adjusted at the right place.

The other most important factors for Plant growth are ‘Water’ and ‘Humidity’. Plants have underground roots; with the help of these, they absorb water from the soil. This absorbed water with the help of xylem vessels reaches each and every leaf of the plant.

Due to the water pressure in the xylem vessels, Plant gets turgid and stands erect. So, we can say that water does the same for plants as the bones do for animals. Some Plants grow in dry climates so some need less water and some need more water. So, watering the Plant depends on its inclination to water and the Humidity of the environment.

The fourth most important thing which should be cared for properly is temperature. Plants are very sensitive creatures. Neither they can bear cold weather nor very hot. They need a temperate climate for their existence. So, when you are going to grow plants, kindly make sure that you can save them from extremes of temperature.

Plants are living beings, so they need our love, attention, and care. It’s our duty to provide them with the right climate because they are doing something worth it for human beings. Their services are countless. They give us oxygen, food, and wood.

If we want to make our living place clean, healthy, and pollution-free for ourselves and for our future generations then we all should put our share in Plants Growth. One must realize that this is the only way to save this beautiful land.

Plants You Can Easily Grow


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