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Beauty Tips for Girls
Girls are always too conscious about their looks. Here we are giving you some amazing tips to get creative in your daily routine to save your money and boost your confidence with your looks. 
 Perfect eyebrows:
 The perfect eyebrows play an important role to enhance the beauty of your face. They can change your face look completely.  If you have perfect eyebrows it can also hide the other imperfections from your face.  You can make look your eyebrows perfect with a little effort by removing extra hair around your shape. Here is an amazing tip to wax them at home making wax strips on your own. You can use a glossy magazine’s page as wax strips. Cut them into short pieces according to your requirement and remove you extra hairs that were the hurdle in your looks to make look you better.
 Fluffy Lips:
 The shape and volume of a person’s lips are very important in a person’s sense of beauty. The appearance of the lips in part determines the attractiveness of the human face. For women, full-length lips relative to the face and high vermilion height are considered attractive. To make your lips get fluffier to add some peppermint oil in your lip gloss because peppermint essential oil stimulates blood flow. Mix it up pretty well and then apply it to your lips. It will improve your looks and you’ll feel more confident.

Dark Circle:

Nowadays dark circles are a big problem for every girl. It spoils the face beauty and makes you look dull. If you have dark circles it hides the other beautiful features of your face. Everyone hates it and wants to get rid of them. Here we are presenting a natural way to get rid of them. Take some Gelatin add a few leaves of Mint and Parsley and a little amount of Almond oil. Pure it at a plain surface and let it sit. Cut it according to the shape we’ll use under the eye. Leave it for some time and remove it off.
Lip Balm:
Beautiful lips you more beautiful. Lip balm plays a vital role to get rid of dry lips. Dry lips give your face a messy look. You can use different types of lip balms that are available in the market but here we are telling you cheap and some awesome DIYs to make you look great. To make your lip balm you need bee wax. Just melt it and pure it in any container. You can use this amazing lip balm to get rid of dry and patchy lips. Beautiful lips will boost your confidence level.
DIY Eyeliner:
Eyeliner plays an important role in make-up. We can change the shape of our eyes, applying it differently. Sometimes it happens that we are going out and we find that eyeliner got finished. We are going to tell you an amazing DIY, that you can easily make at home. You just need aleovera and charcoal powder. Mix it well and pure it in an empty eyeliner container. Cheap and amazing homemade eyeliner is ready.
 Making of Wing Eyeliner:
 As we all know that eyeliner’s shape is very tough for beginners. It is difficult for them to maintain the equal shape of both eyes. By using this amazing tip you can make the perfect shape of your eyeliner on your own. Take a hairpin to apply some liner on it. Hold it like in which shape you apply your liner. You’ll see that there is no difference in both. It is perfect for wing line liner also.

Open Pores:

 Open pores are a big problem for girls. It makes to look your skin rough. There are many costly products available in the market to remove open skin. But here we are telling you the easiest way to get rid of them. You just need 3 ingredients to make it at home.

 Vitamin E capsules

Aleovera Gel


Mix them well and store them in any container. Apply it on your skin 2 to 3 times a day and you will see a clear difference.

Uneven or Two-Tone Skin:

 In summer there is a big issue of uneven and two-tone skin. It makes you look ugly and you lose your confidence. To get even tone skin try this remedy. Results will shock you.

 Take an egg white beat it pretty well with the help of wisk add shaving form to it and the last ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. Mix them well and it on your skin for 10 minutes. Just one mask is enough for intensive skin care treatment.

DIY Make-up:

 Make-ups are very costly but nowadays they are an important part of our lives. Here we are giving you some amazing ideas for DIY Make-up.

Mascara making:

 Mascaras give your eyes a great look and uniqueness. Take some melted wax to add the charcoal powder to it. Mix them well and your DIY mascara is ready.


 Highlights your make-up look more perfect. Besides it, they are very costly but here we are with an amazing idea to make it at home. Two to three things that you just needed.

 Biodegradable glitter

Cocoa powder mix both ingredients and save them in a container. Spray it with alcohol to let it sit and your highlighter is ready.

Make-up Remover:

It is very easy to remove your make-up with make-up remover. Point it why buy them from the market when you can easily make them at home.


Coconut oil Castile soap mix these 3 ingredients and use them to make up remover your with the help of tissue.

 Blush Making:

 Blush is an important part of the make-up. You can make your homemade DIY blush using this idea.

 Take some rose petals to add some wine. Blend them well and stir them with the help of any fabric. Take some pieces of paper and dip them in the water that we got. Let them dry and use them to blush your face.

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