How to Make Money Online Without Any Investment?

Many people want to make money online without any investment. It looks impossible but luckily there are many methods which you can use to earn online money without any investment or with a very low investment. Obviously, freelancing is the solution where you can make online money by offering your services and you must have some skills instead of a big investment. By selling your skills and services, you can make a lot of money. Almost every person has a laptop or PC at his or her home and an active internet connection. This is all that you need to start your online career.


If you don’t have a PC and Internet connection, then this is the investment which you need to do for starting online money making easily. You can easily buy a used laptop or PC in 50$ to 100$ and you can buy the internet service provider for as low as 20$ per month in India and Pakistan. When you have this, you just need to know where you can sell your services to make online money.


Here are the few options which you can use to make online money:


Start your own Business Website To Offer your Services

If you are good in web development, you can buy a good domain and a cheap hosting account for you. After getting the hosting account and domain name, you can create your own website using WordPress within no time. Make your portfolio, and do some SEO of your website. Provide cheap web designing services, article writing services (if you are good at article writing) or any other service for which you have good and professional skills. For example, if you are good in photoshop, then you can offer the services of designing visiting cards, flyers, banners and much more.


For this, you must have a payment method to get the payments from your clients. You can use Paypal, credit card, visa & master cards, Skrill and some other methods to receive the money from your clients. While in Pakistan, there is no service of Paypal, but you can use other services like Skrill, Payoneer Master card and many other methods.


Start Freelancing Career on a 3rd Party Website

Starting your own website and making money out of it is a bit difficult as you need to promote your website on social media and search engines that require a lot of work and then you need to win the trust of potential customers. The easy way to make online money is by selling your services on 3rd party freelancing sites. Upwork is the best and top rated freelancing sites which you can use to sell your services. You can register on the website free of cost and can make your profile. Complete the registration process, add some projects to your portfolio (these projects must be done by you).


Now, you only need to bid on different projects. Read the job descriptions carefully, understand that what the client requires from you. Analyse it if you can do the job or not, and then apply for that job. If your proposal is good, the client will interview you online by using the chat messaging services or any other video calling service. You have to satisfy him that you are the good match for this job and if you do that, the client will hire you for that project. After you complete the job, you will get the feedback from the client, so you should try to complete your project in given deadline and also with perfection so that you can get your first feedback 5 stars. It will help you in getting more projects easily.


Fiverr is another site from where you can get a lot of projects. On Fiverr, simply register with your Facebook, Google Plus or any email address and complete the registration process. Fiverr is slightly different from the Upwork, here you don’t need to apply for the jobs. Just create your GIG i.e. the services you want to offer to your clients. Mention all the important details i.e. your service description, what will you offer, what will you charge for that service, deadline and all other relevant information. Clients will visit your profile or will find your GIG, and if they think that your service is good for them, they will place their order on your GIG and you have to start your work as soon as your gig is sold.


Make Money With Google Adsense

Google Adsense is another good way to make online money. For this, you need to register a domain and get a hosting account which can cost you only $20 on NameCheap. Whereas if you don’t want to spend those 20$, then you can register your free blog on and start building your blog with the unique and useful content. Once you do this, you can apply for Google’s Adsense account. If your content is good and according to Google’s policies, you will get your Adsense account approved within few working days.


Once you get your Adsense account approved, now start promoting your blog on social media and try to get traffic from search engines as well. The more traffic you get, the more money you will make. But don’t do anything that is prohibited by Google Adsense program. Like self-clicking can get your banned from that program to avoid that and never think about it.


Just get the real quality traffic and try to learn methods how to increase Adsense income.


Make Money By Making Videos

If you are good at making videos, and you have content to record in videos then you can earn money by making the videos as well. YouTube is a good platform. Just make your video tutorials and upload those videos to your YouTube account. Once you get 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers for your YouTube channel, you can apply for monetization. YouTube will check your channel and if it is according to YouTube Monetization standards, you will get your YouTube monetization account. Activate the monetization of all your videos and keep uploading new videos. Just make it sure that all your content is unique and there are no copyrights. If you upload videos which are not yours, then you might be disqualified for YouTube monetization program.


You can also use DailyMotion website and by creating a channel, you can upload the same video on DailyMotion which you have uploaded to YouTube. Then start monetizing your Dailymotion videos.


Final words:

These are the 4 easy and simple methods which you can use to make online money without any investment, or a low investment. If you have good skills, you don’t need to find the jobs, just start your own freelancing career or make money with Google Adsense program. Or you can monetize your creative videos on YouTube to make good online money.

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