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       Weight loss

Whenever you think about the weight lose, one thing keep in your mind that you have to follow the diet chart properly. Otherwise you will not see any kind of changing in your weight. Weight reduction is a biggest dream of every fatty person. Today people are more conscious about their health issues in which reducing fat is top of the list.

Here, in this article you will find the reasons behind the weight gain and the solution for that specific problem. There are some major points that will help you out:-

Maintain proper Healthy diet

First of all make a diet chart, in which proper diet plan will be mention. All the healthy items should be included in that diet chart. Here is a list of All healthy food that you can take:- fresh fruits and vegetables specially green leafy, pasta salad with boiled corn and olives, fresh homemade fruit juices. These all are very essential items in weight reduction process.

Avoid processed and junk food items

You have to skip all market processed food that you are taking now a days. These all are too much dangerous for your overall health as well. Because all these items consists of high sugar and they use bad oil. Both things can damage your health badly, may increase your weight as well. So, you have to avoid such items and make healthy food at home.

Exercise and Morning walk

Make your habit daily for morning walk and exercise. Morning walk is essential for you if you really want to reduce your weight. Take long breath during morning walk in middle of the park and get fresh oxygen there. Maintain this habit on regular basis and don’t skip at any cost.

Stress Free life

Healthy and fresh mind means healthy and fit body. So, keep your mind stress free and do yoga poses as well for this purpose. Apply different therapies for reducing your anger and try to keep calm in front of people.

Adjust your sleep timing

If you are not taking proper sleep you may face such problem. So, you have to adjust your sleep timing and take about 6-8 hours sleep. After proper sleep, in morning you will feel so fresh and healthy.

Hormonal Disturbance

Sometimes hormonal imbalance can also create the problem of weight gain. If you are facing such hormonal issue consult your doctor soon. Specially nowadays many women and girls are facing such problem, whether they are married or not. So, don’t take it easy and urgently consult your doctor for the treatment. Because there is a strong relationship between hormonal disbalance and weight gain.


Don’t take food before sleep

The timing between your sleep and meal would be the minimum 2 hours. You should take food two hours before sleep. It is really bad habit for overall health, it can create so much negative impact on our health. So, always adjust your meal and sleep time.


These all are some special kind of weight lose Tips that people normally want to know. So, if you properly follow these instructions you will surely reduce your extra weight and it will increase your confidence level.



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