Imran Khan calls off any deal with the Sharif family or any rival party in the future

Imran Khan calls off any deal with the Sharif family or any rival party in the future…


The political difference between Prime Minister Imran Khan with other opposition parties has been significantly evident for years. Almost every major rival party along with the Pakistani Democratic Alliance (PDM), an alliance of almost 11 political parties, demands PM Imran Khan to step down, lest they would have to set a long march on 23rd march to counteract the incessant confrontation.


In response to that in a recent telephonic interview, PM Imran demonstrated they had been boasting about 3 years and wanted to gather the nation around, but they can’t question the sensibility of citizens as he added ‘ You can’t fool all the people all the time’.


He clearly warned all the opposition leaders that it’d be dangerous for them, as he won’t spare any one of them. He further added, ‘if I take to the streets, then you wouldn’t be able to find a place to hide and rush back to London.


Regarding the recurring issue of inflation, he addressed that the whole world is being dragged into this turmoil. A global pandemic has drastically treated all the countries alike, and they’re facing supply shortages.


Mr. Khan depicted that the time of these people has ended as they are looters of the country and also added “Even the royal family doesn’t spend as much as the Sharif [are spending in London].” He further narrated that he is waiting for them to come back.


Answering the questions concerning his government, he vigilantly confessed that the PTI will not only complete recent tenure but will also be able to win the next elections as well.



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