Imran Khan’s Recent Threat

Imran Khan’s Recent Threat

Pakistan in his history of more than 70 years is now having the best Prime Minister, as he is the man of character being the first one to take bold and illicit steps to let the culprits explicable.

Let’s have a look at who the culprits are these are our so called renowned Ex-Prime Minister, Ex-President, Ex Chief Minister. The two most influential families, the two most untrustworthy parties full of unscrupulous people.

who during their governance only focused on money laundering, all the amoral activities just to become more and more wealthy. Luckily now is the beginning of their accountability. The head of state is there who distinctly announced that there will be no leniency and loop holes for them to hide and escape.

He with full determination and enthusiasm makes them aware that they have to bring back the money they robbed from the country without any sort of negotiations. He neither will spare them nor will himself go anywhere before the completion of his task and new Pakistan. Last but not the least he made it clear that the support of true as well as vigilant Pakistanis is with him.

Although Pakistan is facing crucial time just like all other countries across the globe amid the pandemic but he along with his team is trying effortlessly to overcome this scenario and it for sure will take time but eventually he will succeed.

The first and foremost step for the fulfillment of his goals is just the implementation of Islamic civilization which is not an uphill task for a Muslim country who is dominated by 200,352,754 Muslims i.e., almost 97% of our population belongs to a religion which is based on the laws of equality and justice.

Just Be a Muslim, Act like a Muslim. Within the available resources start improvising political, economic and social infrastructure so that nothing can stop Pakistan from the accomplishment of being an Islamic Civilization which ultimately is the beginning of new Pakistan.

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