Anchor Imran Riaz Khan reached a place in Sindh where people live like insects

Riaz Khan, who became a very popular anchor on YouTube in Pakistan, reached a place in Sindh with supplies for the flood victims, where people have lived like insects.

Imran Riaz Khan has shown in this video that where the people of Sindh live, their houses are very small and there are houses that can be damaged even because of a little rain. And people are becoming homeless۔Here the floods and rains have caused a lot of destruction, people’s houses have collapsed.

Wherever Imran Riaz Khan was passing, I can see in the video that there are pools of water everywhere and the water is spoiled and the water smells bad. If the standing water in the village is not dried quickly, very dangerous diseases can occur.

Did Imran Riaz Khan go there for sightseeing in Sindh?

It can be seen in such a video that Imran Riaz Khan has a huge team with him Imran Riaz Khan spends his precious time in the village of Dadu in Sindh where he has gone to distribute supplies to the flood victims.

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