increase in salary of government employees for 2022-23 latest news

Massive Protest by Punjab Government Employees and Pensioners Demanding Pay and Pension Increment:

the latest updates on a massive protest organized by Punjab government employees and pensioners, demanding an increment in their pay and pensions. The protest is a result of the announcement made in the federal budget for the fiscal year 2023-24, where a 30% increase in government employees’ salaries was approved. The article highlights the significance of this salary increase for government employees and discusses the impact it will have on their financial well-being. It also emphasizes the unprecedented nature of this salary increment and its implications for the government’s workforce. Furthermore, the article mentions the protest staged by Punjab government employees and provides the latest updates on the situation, including Rehman Bajwa’s mega declaration supporting the salary and pension hike.

Protests by Punjab Government Employees: Disrupted Salaries, School Closures, and Traffic Jams:



Govt kabina ki Sarkari mulazmeen ke tankhvah mein 30% ki Manzuri.


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