Indian Burqa Girl bravely slammed ‘Allah o Akbar’ against protestors mocking hijab

Indian Burqa Girl bravely slammed ‘Allah o Akbar’ against protestors mocking hijab


If a Christian can put on holy cross and head scarfs, Sikhs can wear turbans, Hindus have a right to use janeu or tilak in mandirs. If all world communities can follow their respective dressing codes during their religious practices then why does bigotry lie for only Muslims?


Islamophobia has become so trending. Every now and then, from anywhere in the world, anyone could come up to defame it and no actions have been taken against such humility. If someone came forward to defend it, he/ she would have been bashed instead.


Recently, the hijab got banned in educational institutes of Indian state Karnataka, different rallies have been made against it to create prejudice among the Muslim community.


Meanwhile, a Muslim hijabi girl named Muskan Khan dauntlessly came forth and confronted the chaos amid the whole crowd.


Since then, burqa girl has been applauded not only in local media but also justified by various renowned figures including Pakistani actors and politicians.


Here’s how people have been praising this lioness’s act.


Different kinds of edits are made for appreciating the upbringing and sensitivity of a devoted girl.

In a nutsell, the world should need to end the bigots’ concept against this theology and realize that Islam won’t cause harm as it’s a peaceful religion. Muslims seem to be sleepy sheep but they do not fear to protect and practice their religion. PEACE!





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