Instantaneous Departure of New Zealand Team Left the Pakistani Hearts Devastated- muft malomat

Instantaneous Departure of New Zealand Team Left


Instantaneous Departure of New Zealand Team Left the Pakistani Hearts Devastated.

The compassionate heart overflowing  with the love and tenderness marked the identity of the Pakistanis as a divergent and a deviating nation.

Since Pakistan came into being it has to inherit the internal and external problems of security which always posed serious threat to the security of every lay person but nobody can decline and defy the bravery and knighthood qualities of people who did their best to save the honor of the county at any cost. But this did not give this message that Pakistan was unable to safeguard the country.

Being Pakistani people are blessed with unmatched and splendid qualities of bravery which trigger them to lay their lives for the sake of the country and in wake of any danger without thinking about their lives which are priceless gift from Allah Almighty.

The beauty of their characters cast spell on the tourists who are served wholeheartedly and hangover of their hospitality haunt their minds even after departure.

The safety measures are of paramount importance and kept in view from that very day when squad of New Zealand team landed on the ground of Pakistan to commence their cricket.

The matches were scheduled to play in Rawalpindi stadium from 25 September to October 3. The flood of spectators were ready to watch the match enthusiastically and it was evident that people were wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

Having  heard that, the arrival of the New Zealand team to Pakistan was thrilling news to the fans of the cricket.

Being keenly waiting when to invade the ground by the cricketrs, the people were mad about the match between two rivals. The inhabitants of twin cities were desperate to watch the smashing performances of their cricketers.

The spectators from various areas started to move towards nearby areas only to see the tinge and trace of their beloved team by wearing shirts printed with their names as well as holding the placard in order to welcome them. The revival of the cricket after depressing situation of Covid 19 in Pakistan was good intiative to blow life in pale and withered existence of people.

The hearts full of love found it difficult to wait that moment of starting the match. The preparatory and trainings sessions were done under the foolproof security and pursued firmly by land and air forces. But people were stung by the surprise when New Zealand squad called off their tour and decided to go back at the spur of the movement.

This  left the spectators and the whole world surprised at this sudden withdrawal from Pakistan. This news invited everyone to utter their opinions. Everyone was dim, dejected and depressed.

The stadium was set to seat the spectators and lights were blinking as brightly as to obscure our sights, glancing, glimmering and glinting of the lights were making things see through the surface of the ground clearly.

But all efforts ended in smoke when abandoning cricket was declared by the New Zealand officials. Disappointment was at its peak to leave the spectators devastated when black caps were not capable to fulfill their commitment and signaled inability to keep their words. Being emotionally charged cricketr caused Pakistanis extremely hurt but nothing else.

On coming across this decision made by the team left the Pakistani cricketers dejected and its die heart fans took to unfathomable feeling of despair and disappointment.

The Pakistanis fans did not expect it from the team when security institutes declared it clearly that there was no security threat all at.

The team was satisfied with security measures that were taken into account. If being conscious about cancellation of the tour was of greater concern than it would not be taken as Pakistanis are emotionally weak.

Pakistanis  are brave and warriors whose hospitality leaves no stone unturned if chances are given to them to serve the tourists. They broke the trust of the Pakistanis and left them dejected but they are not aware of the courage that is as strong as a rock.

Where blood bolied, on other side Pakistanis know how to get over the wounds of the emotional injuries that was inflicted to Pakistanis fans of match. If they had decided to hurt emotions of the people than this would have been only the trick to let down the importance of the match.

But significant importance of the match was the performance, part and parcel of Pakistani nation where this trivial action of any team cannot end the spirit and thrill for the match.

The courage of Pakistanis is easy to shake but cannot be broken. No one can come to hit the emotional stability of the Pakistanis which increase the Pakistanis zest for cricket.

Undoubtly , Pakistani nation was mad about match but this not the weakness but it works as a strength of the nation as well. We have the quality to transform and turn ourselves into new and current whatever the bad or worse situation.

No one can cause injuries to our hearts. We do not take things to heart but bear things patiently and remain persistent. Being steadfast helps us to overcome any kind of ordeal situation. This raised many questions to quench the thirst of one’s inquisitiveness.

 What was the source to inform them to quit series at once?

Why were they satisfied than turned into unsatisfied ones with security measures?

Who were confirming them first the team has foolproof security than same security was not capable to save their lives from any mishap?

During their presence, did they find any security threat?

Was the team stranded when it was moving around for practice sessions of the cricket?

Had they not seen the squad which was surrounding them in case of moving outside?

Were they themselves noticed any security lapse?

If they found any security lapse why did not they discuss it with the government officials to deploy more security guards?

Were they themselves attacked or encountered any tragic incident that could cause horror and terror to them?

 Did they come across any offensive physical attack?

By keeping in view the above questions which are very common, open a new vista of discussion what was behind that asked them to get ready for the match and then suddenly calling off match without giving any sufficient reason.

This  is our right to know that when the New Zealand team itself was satisfied with security preparations than how can they themselves can challenge their own judgment. It means they do not have reliable recourses which can tell them what to do.

Their reliability can be challenged easily for being capricious and impulsive. Anyhow, I would like to sum up with this comment that we are not only passionate about the cricket as well as we are the hosts who can sacrifice to save others than living them helpless in wake of the danger.

Pakistanis are brave and our army is always at the back and call of its beloved nation whenever need arises.

Pakistanis are warriors and chance must be given to security agency in case of any mishap. Without giving them chance the team could not abandon the tour. If they had believed us they would have to done it fully.

I have firm believe in our nation and as well in our army who will guard country and could never leave them alone in any danger. My Pakistani warriors are enough to call at the time of danger but chance was not given and cancellation of the tour which left us surprised and helpless and caused disappointment.

Last but not the least that despair makes us strong but it cannot take root in us due to cultivation of hope and refuses its evil lurks of displeasure.

Allah Hafiz














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