Justice Ayesha Malik takes oath as first-ever female of Supreme Court

Proud moment for Pakistan, Justice Ayesha Malik takes oath as first-ever female of Supreme Courtfirst-ever female of Supreme Court

A new history has begun today in the supreme court of Pakistan’s highest court. The date is that the female Chief Justice of Lahore High Court Ayesha Malik will be sworn in as the first female judge of the Supreme Court. The solemn swearing-in ceremony was held at the Supreme Court’s Ceremonial Hall. Today I will inform you about the scenes of this event.

Profile of Ayesha Malik for future:

First of all, let me tell you about the profile of Ayesha Malik, which is going to be created. Ayesha Malik is going to be the first woman judge of the Supreme Court and exactly 8 years from today, Ayesha Malik will be the first woman Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and almost one After 1year and 5months(1-octobur-2031), Justice Ayesha Malik will retire as a judge of the Supreme Court. This profile is designed for the future after taking the oath.

Scenes of the swearing-in ceremony:

Let me tell you the scenes of the swearing-in ceremony.

Many judges of the Supreme Court, staff of the Supreme Court, and General Attorney Khalid Javed Khan also attended the function. Many judges of the Supreme Court attended, including General Qazi Faiz Sahib, Justice Maqbool Baqir, Justice Mehtab Bandial, Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan, Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, Justice Yehya Afridi, Justice Jawad Khan, Justice Mazahir Ali Naqvi, and Justice Qazi Amin.

Faisal Choudhry statement about the swearing ceremony:

Former Additional Advocate General Faisal Chaudhry was asked what is he said about this event. He replied;” I congratulate Ayesha Malik very much for becoming the first woman judge. This is a historic day. And she will silence the audience with her performance and she will be a beacon for women. And he even said that my brother Fawad Chaudhry has the same sentiments. He says that when it comes to women’s rights, we consider it very encouraging and women should come in every institution. But we understand it very well and we will continue to strive for women and pray for it”.


The beginning of the ceremony:

The Supreme Court’s Ceremonial Hall was packed with guests. The ceremonial hall of the Supreme Court is used for ceremonies when a judge is added or retired. The ceremony began when Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmad and Justice Ayesha Malik arrived in the hall. The swearing-in ceremony was initiated by the Registrar. The ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. When Justice Ayesha Malik Sahiba was about to take oath after the commencement of the ceremony, she had a smile on her face.

Affidavit of Ayesha Malik:

Then Ayesha Malik took an oath in which she took an oath to perform her duties responsibly. She vowed that she would make every decision honestly and, in all circumstances, keep the law in mind and prayed to God to grant her success in performing her duties properly. Ayesha Malik Sahiba and Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed signed. Thus, Ayesha Malik Sahiba became the first woman judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Thus ended the ceremony. After the ceremony, everyone congratulated Justice Ayesha Malik. And everyone was looking very happy.

Conversation with judges after the ceremony:

At such events, the judges often refrain from talking to the reporter, so some journalists spoke to only a few judges. Nisar Ahmad Raza said, “this is a historic day and a day of happiness for all and it is the beginning of a new history of Pakistan”. The Chief Justice said while expressing happiness;” The Chief Justice said that everything that has happened is from Allah Almighty and there is no such thing in which a person has a hand, everything is from Allah. We congratulate Ayesha Malik on becoming the first female judge”. Justice Mehtab Bandial Sahib also expressed happiness and congratulated Ayesha Malik Sahiba.

We hope that Ayesha Malik will fulfill her responsibility and make decisions according to law and make Pakistan more famous.





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