Kurlus Osman Episode 107 season 4

Kurlus osman is a Very famous turkish drama.watch full urdu/hindi dubbed Kurlus osman Episode No 107.

In this drama you can watch a very big History of islam.This Islamic history is known as the Saltnat Osmania.

If you see this entire history, you will know how the Turks founded this empire with so many difficulties and ruled the world including the Arab countries for six hundred years.

There are many famous characters in this Islamic history series. He sacrificed his life in the cause of Islam in laying the foundation of this kingdom. And founded a great empire.

Ertuğl Ghazi, Sardar Usman, and Usman Ghazi’s sons named Arhan and Alauddin played an important role in establishing this Islamic state. He was a great soldier of Islam. This entire Turkish state was established only in the name of Islam, peace and security.

Their only goal was to uphold the name of Allah and the religion of Allah. And the people of all religions can live in freedom and peace in this state.

Watch now full Episode No 107 of Kurlus Osman.

This Episode is dubbed in Urdu subtitles for Palistanis who cannt know Turkish lenguages.

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Kurlus osman Epidode no 107 


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