Kuruluş Osman Season 3 Bölüm 78

Kurulus Osman Summary of Episode 78

In this episode, Wazir Alam Shah College orders Usman to be hanged and Usman is thrown into the street.

Kurulus Osman, smiling with the spirit of his Muslim faith, gets ready to climb the gallows

Osman Bay very brave soldier smiling with the spirit of being a muslim. wazir alam shah and Commander Nikola Together they are ready to kill Usman

Governor Nikola is getting overjoyed and the Wazir comes after checking Alam Shah, kill him quickly.

But this time also people save the people from being unfair to the soldiers of Sultan Masood at the hands of Wazir Alam Shah.

Take the soldiers of Sultan Masood who will now go to Konia with the goods and there Sultan Masood will do justice with kurulus osman.

What do you say about this episode, definitely tell in the comments whoever has seen this complete episode.

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