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I was reading the book ” Laugh yourself thin ” by an American physician; Melanie W. Rotenberg who is a comedian too. It was a surprise to reveal the secret of losing weight by laughing. There are many ways to lose weight like dieting, exercising and many more, probably you will be better familiar than me. But it’s really amazing to know to lose weight just by laughing right!

Laughter a good exercise, Turn on your fitness by just turning on your favorite comedy show

Just think how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us; according to WHO millions of people are on the verge of poverty while the number of malnourished people will increase up to 123 million by the end of the year 2021. Losing jobs, less salary, out of savings, and not enough budget to excel your daily healthy life; are the situations everyone is passing through. You have nothing to do, but to be at home, thinking about your fragile condition COVID-19 has put you in. Even you can’t go out for a walk in parks, no hangouts, no parties, no gatherings, no more shopping! This all makes everyone nothing but shout what’s going on? when it’s all going to end up?  what to do to make myself healthy and fit in this situation?

Many many questions, worries about family, expenses, fear to be jobless, not only a whole day but for many months at home doing nothing except watching Netflix with processed food and drinks or playing video games. With this all-stressing stuff, you woke up and look at yourself in the mirror! Now something more to worry about is here and that’s your health and fitness!

An answer to many questions!

I have answers to all of your questions and worries! So, are you ready, there is a quote “A smile is a happiness you will find right under your nose”. Smile and when your smile turns into laughter and that’s where every bad destiny becomes good luck. Give yourself a break; I mean laughter because “laughter is an instant vacation”.  Just turn on a comedy show or book full of jokes, tune yourself but without processed food and laugh away your weight!

ways to lose weight during COVID-19

How exactly laughing can help us to lose weight?

Being a reasonable person you were thinking how it’s going to work to lose weight just by laughing! According to a research report by NCBI, stress leads to an increase in our BMI by increasing the synthesis and release of stress hormones like corticosteroids, insulin, and many neurotransmitters to adjust our mood or stress. This all leads to emotional eating which is rich in carbohydrates such as bread, drinks, and chocolates; many of us take to up-regulate our mood. Actually, taking carbohydrates improves mood by reducing hypoglycemia because of increased BMI in stress. Here is another explanation too, Mood elevation after taking carbohydrates leads Tryptophan to cross the blood-brain barrier resulting in higher serotonin levels; a relaxing hormone. Now it’s understandable that how stress leads us to emotional eating and weight gaining. So, just laugh away your weight.

Laughter; a good exercise!

Many studies show that humor and laughter are therapies to relieve tension and anxiety. Mirthful laughter can decrease the serum levels of stress hormones like cortisol, epinephrine, and growth hormone, and that’s exactly the reversal of what stress does! So, if you are depressed or stressed and gaining weight day by day, the best way is to start with your boss; I mean brain and the rest of them will follow it. The writer of the book ” Laugh yourself thin ” explains 3 ways to lose weight permanently: 1-Thinking and behavior; 2- input, as in food and calories; 3- output, as in metabolism and activity calories. The very 1st way is thinking and behavior. Watching a comedy show will change your mood by laughing. And help you to lose weight by burning 10-40 calories in return for 10-15 minutes of laughter. Not a big deal, right! Laughter at bottoms gives strength to your stomach muscles, makes your belly flat, a good cardio workout, and a chance of exercise to facial muscles.

eat healthily and keep laughing to be in good health

Get up now! Reorganize your place, it’s either a desk or a bed. Open the window of your room and replace the artificial flowers of your vessel with fresh jasmine. Reorder your books, clock, and wall paintings. Arrange your daily preferences and promise yourself to smile. Replace potato chip’s bowl with a rainbow I mean fruits. Say no to carbonated drinks. Enjoy losing weight by watching comedy shows Instead of watching horror movies. What do you think about laugh away your weight? comment below.


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