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A person responsible for the completion of an agreement between a merchant and a dealer is called a broker or brokerage. His main objective is to expedite the transaction and make it smooth and easy both for the buyer as well as for the seller.

Forex Trading:

Trade was the major facility that came into being by the exchange of goods and other services: made by the communication between prehistoric people even before the innovation of modern-day currency. Revolutionized on a day–to–day basis; from a barter system to global trading. The contemporary form of trading – internet trading began in the 1990s. Present–time modernized trading called; Foreign Exchange Market commonly known as Forex or FX; is a global decentralized market for the trading of national currencies. It is the phenomenon of exchanging one currency for another for multiple reasons; in which the most common are commerce, business, trading, or tourism. Forex market is believed to be a massive market in the world; because of its multinational globe in trade, finance, business, and tourism. Moreover, this is an extremely active market internationally – works almost across every time zone; with price quotes changing continually.

Forex Live: 

it is a comprehensive link available to help enthusiastic traders to become professionals. Working with the logo “Trading involves Risk”; services offered by the site to facilitate the dealers are as follows:

Technical Analysis:

To take a quick review of the current economic and financial features internationally; articles by globally renowned analysts, economists, and specialists of the stock market are uploaded daily. It provides great help to the investors in deciding where to invest today.

Economic Calendar:

An extensive economic calendar is provided by which the brokers can monitor the announcement or release of all the decisions related to monetary policies; having a huge impact on the financial market.

Live Charts:

The everyday stock market is represented in an easy-to-understand manner by simple charts.

Live Quotes:   

Continually updated price quotes of currencies, indexes, commodities, metals, crypto are accessible in a readable and precise tabular form.


All the forex education from basics, to strategy building; knowledge, experience, and wisdom from the economic and financial market as well as from trusted gurus of trade; trading rules, techniques, analysis – hence everything the learner desires for is available in the form of easy to grasp videos and tutorials. 


All the terminologies, abbreviations specific to the world of forex trading are explained here in easy English. 

Motivation and Incentives:

Multiple services are provided by the site for the encouragement of upcoming traders like webinars, seminars, session wraps, forex live newsletter. Last but not the least; do explore the site to be a confident and prosperous forex trader.

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