Love in Paris believe that if they tie the knot and throw the key into the river

Couples in love in Paris believe that if they tie the knot and throw the key into the river, their relationship will last forever.


When it comes to relationships, couples in love are always looking for that extra bit of reassurance that their love will last forever.

Paris is a particularly romantic city with a long-standing myth that if a couple ties the knot and throws the key into the river, their relationship will stand the test of time.

To determine whether this myth is a myth or not, we have taken a closer look at the reasons behind this age-old practice and what it can do for couples in love. In this blog post, we will dive in and explore the idea of couples in Paris believing that throwing the key into the river will ensure a lifetime of love and happiness.

We will also discuss the benefits that come with this unique practice, as well as the potential risks. By the end, you will have a better understanding of this myth and how it can keep you and your partner together.


Paris—the city of love—is renowned for its romantic atmosphere, and couples in love often find themselves wandering down its picturesque riverbanks. Some couples believe that if they take a key and tie it to the bridge above the Seine, it will ensure that their relationship will last forever.


In a tradition that has been held for centuries, people from around the world have come to Paris to perform this romantic gesture. Whether a couple is just starting out or celebrating many years together, they can make a wish for a long and happy relationship as they throw the key into the river. It’s a symbolic representation of two people coming together and vowing to never let go of their love.


Although this tradition is not scientific, tying the knot with a key remains a popular ritual among couples in Paris. It’s a unique way to express their commitment to each other, and it gives them a moment to reflect on the significance of their relationship. The ritual can be performed by anyone—no matter their faith or culture—as a way of saying “I love you


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