Misconception cleared regarding Muneeb butt and Alizeh Shah’s nikah themed photoshoot.

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Misconception cleared regarding Muneeb butt and Alizeh Shah’s nikah themed photoshoot.

News are viral on social media regarding romantic photoshoot of Muneeb Butt and Alizeh Shah. Both actors have done photoshoot in order to promote the brand with seemingly real pictures of nikah while they were not real at all. All the fans of Aiman Khan have considered it a reality and they have criticized the photoshoot of Muneeb Butt with Alizeh Shah.



Most fans have congratulated Muneeb Butt and Alizeh Shah on these photoshoots. As they were considering them a real nikah photoshoot. Even most celebrities have also considered the photoshoot as realistic and they have also congratulated both actors, who was just trying to promote the clothing brand and nothing else.

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All pictures of the photoshoot have gone viral in few seconds of their upload on internet. Various fans have criticized Muneeb Butt on photoshoot with Alizeh Shah. As they considered that Muneeb Butt must have done it with Aiman Khan only and no one else.


Well Aiman Khan shares her pictures with fellow male actors on social media. On the other hand Muneeb Butt had never shared any such pictures with his colleagues. It had been recently that Muneeb Butt and Alizeh Shah have done photoshoot comprising background of fake nikah. So that, they can promote the brand in successful way.


After considering the comments of fans, Aiman Khan has responded their misconception. She told them with clarity that if she has been in place of Muneeb Butt, then she would also have done the same. As it is the part of their jobs in Pakistani showbiz industry. She further said that this photo shoot of Muneeb Butt with Alizeh Shah does not mean that he will leave his family which is dearest to him . It is just a normal part of their job in fashion industry.

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