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New Best Idea for Making Money In 2022 in just 2 minutes Monetize your website and start earning money.

2 Best Google Adsense Alternative Ads publisher  Networks.

1- Adsterra

2 – propellerads

Now no need to wait to earn money people who create new websites And want them to start Earning as soon as the website is created I am going to share a very good idea for those people.

who are those people who make their new website but why their Earning starts Very late.

These are the people who after creating their new website Those people write content on their website And want them to get the approval of Google Adsense But Google Adsense approval can’t be obtained so quickly. Because to get approval on Google Adsense, it is necessary to get very good traffic on your website immediately.

And for the approval of Google Adsense, very good articles should be written on your website. Your website should have organic traffic on all articles, people who search your article directly from Google.

You will not get Google Adsense approval until your website gets a lot of organic traffic. If your website is getting organic traffic and you have also got the approval of Google Adsense Now your earning will start But there is still a lot of process left for Google Adsense.

  • google adsense User identification 

For User Identity Verification you National ID card, in your name Passport, or need a driving license,

  • google adsense address verification with pin code

For address verification from google adsense You receive the PIN code in an envelope via International Doc.

International doc can be received at your home address or office address.

In the envelope received on your address, you will get the pincode, which you will have to enter in the Google Adsense account, now your home address or office address has been verified, now you can get the payment of Google Adsense in Your Bank account.

After a long process, now you will be able to get the payment of Google Adsense, But through what I am going to tell you the idea, you have to monetize your website in just 2 minutes and you can easily start earning on it.

Start earning immediately after creating a new website:

There are many such ads publisher networks alternative to Google Adsense. Which enable you to turn on monetization immediately after preparing your website.

After joining the ad publisher network, you have to monetize it with your website.

Cheak Here google adsense alternative  (Best Ads Publisher Network )

Now this alternative ads publisher will start showing ads on your website.

How You Can Get Good Earning With this ads Network

You can easily earn up to $ 500 a day with this Ads publisher network If you have good content on your website You must upload such content to your website About which people are searching a lot from all over the world.

Technology gaming software and entertainment related people search a lot from google If you put related articles in  your website Because of which you will get high CPM rate and your earning will be double.

These two Google Adsense alternative ads publisher networks have told you about Very best High CPM ads networks.

Both these ads networks that have been shared with you, both these ad networks can give you the approval of monetization on your website within 2 minutes.



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