Mother Language and Single National Curriculum

Mother Language and Single National Curriculum

The language which child learn from the time of his birth is called mother tongue or language. The first thing that a child learns is the mother tongue and all the later development and learning process continues with the mother tongue. Thus, it plays a crucial role in children development and learning. The importance of mother tongue is summarised in following points;

  • The cognition of children takes place effectively, when they are taught in their mother tongue.
  • Developmental skills sharpens when the learning process takes place in mother language.
  • Develops critical thinking and learning skills.
  • A sense of affinity with own culture, traditions and society fosters with the help of mother language.
  • Children excel in their academic career.
  • Easy for children to understand and grasp things, when they were taught in mother language.
  • A sense of confidence develops.
  • Enhances self-esteem.

During childhood, mother tongue is the only language that a child understands. Schooling in another language kills children’s motivation to learn and their interest in education. It disturbs the natural learning process of children. But, our policy makers deliberately ignored this basic fact of nature and imposed Single National Curriculum”. A foreign language is imposed on children, which they do not understand and ultimately it is transformed into a language barrier. This barrier will withhold them back and children fails to enjoy learning process. It forces them to opt artificial and rote learning that they will never grasp.

How Single National Curriculum doesn’t addressed the basic needs of children is stated in the following;

  • Ignored the sensitivities and emotional needs of children.
  • Doesn’t address the security aspect of the choices made in the curriculum.
  • Teachers are not well-trained and do not understand children’s psychology, which ultimately cause emotional security among children.
  • The cognitive development of children slows down. 
  • Ends critical thinking in children.
  • Leads to rote learning.
  • Major cause of cultural alienation among children.
  • Tries to end diversity.

Lastly, it is needed that our country is a “multilingual state” and thus education must have to be multilingual as well. Provinces varies from region to region, which the against the principle of uniformity. For the “uniformity of mind-sets”, the policy makers of our country are destroying our diversity. We need to understand that, there is no need to end that “diversity”, rather than we need to fabricate “unity among diversity”.

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