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Muft Malomat copyright policy

  • We do not host any content, videos are hosted on YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion, or Vimeo and are submitted to us by users.
  • Videos are moderated before posting to ensure that no copyrighted material is being posted.
  • We do not own any of these videos, these videos are the real property of government channels.
  • We ( do not post copyrighted material.
  • If you are the official representative of any company whose videos have been illegally posted on the free information or you feel that any video infringes the copyright then you can easily go to Can send the email.

Although we do not host any content, users post embedded videos from YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion, and Vimeo, the videos are moderated before posting, but we still oppose the copyrighted videos posted. Take strict action.

If you have found any post that contains copyright infringement material, please contact us immediately at @, we will reply within 2 – 4 hours.

Comment policy

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