NASA kepler discovers first Earth-Size planet in the habitable zone


NASA kepler discovers first Earth-Size planet in the habitable zone.Did you ever notice that at night time we see billions of stars and planets shining In The Sky yes we probably notice?

Our universe is spreading day by day and we are not your universe. In July 23 2015 NASA has launched is Kepler telescope find out what is going on outside our galaxy.

NASA kepler discovers first Earth-Size planet in the habitable zone

This is one of the biggest project which is launched in 2015 with NASA Kepler Space Station with the help of astronauts and with the help of other discoveries.
It was one of the most powerful telescope ever build by the NASA engineers which was name as a Kepler telescope.After day and day working this telescope give us humongous information about different new planets far from our Galaxy.

In his first attempt NASA Kepler Space Telescope discover some of new planets across the solar system.
The most amazing thing about this type of solar system is that it is also a couple of earth size planets orbiting a huge star like a Sun.

This is zone is called as a habitable zone and the most amazing and interesting thing about this zone is that it is completely similar to our solar system and the earth size.

After the working of many years kepler has also Discover thousands of new capula planets in between kepler telescope Discover caterpillar 186f which is quite similar to our Sun with size and environment on it.

Another shocking thing about this planet is that kepler 186f is also existing on the same distance to his own son as the earth related to our sun.

It was the biggest achievement by NASA that they found habitable place where life can exist. Kepler telescope also confirm that there are liquid and oxygen available on this planet and could be life on it.

It is another hope for the earth people that there could be e some alien life present on Kepler planets. More planets around kettlebells also discovered by Kepler telescope and they are 40% larger than the size of our earth which is more challenging for capita telescope to recognise And counting.

According to NASA astrophysics Division director Mr. Paul Hertz”

 It is one of the significant step to you finding life on other planets” 

They also said that

 ” NASA is also going to launching future tech of new satellites called translating Expo Planet service satellites with the help of Webb Space Telescope will also explode these planets their atmospheric condition because they are truly earth like planets ever discovered by NASA 

Although Kepler telescope did not find other types of information like composition and structure of the whole planet but colour schema and the other resources find that this is one of the habitable planet everfound.

According to the the research scientist from the SETI Institute Mr. Elisa Quintana also discuss about this new Discovery
” that we already know that there is a planet exist outside our Galaxy and our solar system which has similar characteristics like ours Earth”.

Kepler-186f is far from our solar system but there is still a hope there there could be alien life on this planet. According to experts it is 500 away from our Earth. It is present in Kepler 186 system as there are thousands of other new planets discovered.

How these planets are discovered by Kepler telescope?

Kepler telescope which is is built by NASA engineer and called as ever world first expensive telescope build with latest and modern technology in the history.This telescope work on different algorithms and charts to identify whether there is a planet for behind honour to the telescope.

All the Kepler planets has its own sun which is is quite difficult to find out every planet and with their sun.Whenever kepler telescope find out sun he also start recording the moving objects in front of this planet sun.

 Interesting things about Kepler-186f

1. It is present in habitable zone and present on the same distance to his own sun as our Earth is present on the distance between our sun.
2. It also Orbit its own sun in 365 days and once every 130 days.
3. This amazing planet is also getting one third of energy from us on sun like our earth do.
4. Kepler-186f is the same size as our Sun with diameter and the regions on it.

It was one of the NASA’s first mission which has the capability of detecting Earth size planets and stars across the Galaxy.

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