NASA New Horizon team published the first Kuiper Belt Flyby Science Results

NASA New Horizon team published the first Kuiper Belt Flyby Science Results. Our universe is spread over a vast area and with countless planets and stars. After the big bang, our universe is spreading in a very fast speed it can also on the vast area which is unreachable by any human.

NASA New Horizon team published the first Kuiper Belt Flyby Science Results

From the beginning human also trying to find out information about the universe and its creation.

According to scientist, we are not alone in this universe with a single earth planet which is suitable and habitable for human life.NASA also show started thousands of projects on exploring space and the objects nearby us.In 2014 NASA find out a flying object which is actually Rocky Earth found in Kuiper Belt near Saturn.

It is one of the strange object and the rock which is moving towards the earth but all don’t worry it is very far away from Earth and it will take millions of years to reach to earth.

It is a one of the planetary building block which is called as a Kuiper Belt object called 2014 MU69.

Interest and researchers analyse the subject spacecraft on the new year 2019 which is nearly fly by the subject.From this object exploring information we can find out the universe creation and the other substances present in it.

After the struggle of four month after the fly by general science and the team of publisher publish about the information this new object.

This kind of object is irregularly moving towards the earth with the Rocky mountains with no water and sign of life.

According to scientist this Rocky object is 4 million miles away from Earth. Researchers and scientist this is one of the amazing object reveal in this history built and developed on geology and different composition.

This tiny object is shaped into two different lobes and moving towards Earth in the speed of 22 miles kilometre per hour.

This Large and strange object which consists of two lobes one on each other called as nickname Ultima.

Ultima unusual space shape aap is formed billions of years ago. Scientist and researchers find out the way how this object is formed into strange shape with two lobes and how they came from 84 from our Galaxy.

According to Boulder, Colorado which is the principal investigator from the the Southwest Research Institute also describe about this Rocky planet as 

 There is no doubt that this object will also give us more information advanced theories and details about the solar system formation

Along with this strange object Kuiper belt is also show with many strange objects moving around it.

In 2015 a project has started by the NASA Administrator explore the solar system objects around our Milky Way and find out more information and evidence of Universe creation.

NASA spacecrafts explore the subject and this is one of the radish object which is full of chemical and organic materials.Scientist also shocked that this type of small object is also with methanol water eyes and organic molecules over the surface of Ultima.

According to scientist we will get more information about this Rocky object at the end of 2020 as this object is moving towards earth with the speed of 33,000 miles per hour.

According to some scientist ” if this object cross near our earth It will impact on Earth’s atmosphere and serious impact on earth.”

According to NASA science mission directorate this type of object is monitored by the the New Horizons spacecraft which is one of the latest spacecraft ever built in the history.
Newhorizon is the part of the NASA mission which is managed by the new Frontiers Program which is located in the Huntsville, Alabama.

This New Horizon spacecraft as ability to explode the objects its brightness another particle radiations which is continuous limiting from the kuiper belt environment.

Scientist is believing that this Rocky object could be the main source of life on earth. Because thousands of years ago our Earth is also hit by the huge object like this which contain the sign of life and other bacteria.

According to some researches and scientist they also believe that if this object hit to the Earth then and it will be the last day of human on earth.

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