Natural Beauty Tips for Everyone and Best Beauty Care routine

Natural Beauty Tips for Everyone and Best Beauty Care routine.

Natural Beauty Tips for Everyone and Best Beauty Care routine.

Rough Hairs:

Are you facing the problem of rough hairs.No worries when we are here? Here we are sharing an amazing hair mask to get rid of rough hairs and to make your hairs smooth and silky. You just need two ingredients which are;

2 Banana

2 Spoon  Honey

Mix them well and apply them to your hair and cover them with a plastic bag. Leave it for 30 to 40 minutes and wash it out. Results will shock you.

Glowing Skin:

Everyone wants to look better. An amazing way to look better is to have glowing skin. Here is an amazing DIY remedy to get glowing skin.

Take a lemon. Cut it into 2 pieces and put a little sugar on it. Massage it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash out your face and feel more confident with glowing skin.

Losing hairs?

Hair fall is a big problem for girls. They always use many costly products but no results are found. Here we are with an amazing homemade recipe for this problem. Ingredients are;

4  Spoon Yogurt

2 Spoon Aleovera Gel

1 Banana

1 Capsule of Vitamin E

Blend them well in a blender

Apply it as a hair mask for 30 minutes. Natural vitamins to restore hair loss.

Remedy for Dark circles:

Dark circles look too ugly. They spoil your looks. No one wants them and always trying to get rid of them. Sometimes costly products don’t work and some home remedies show magic. Here is an amazing remedy to get rid of these irritating dark circles.

Take some lemon juice and add some water to it. Freeze it in ice cubes. Scrub these cubes under your eyes.

It is an amazing DIY idea to get rid of dark circles.


Pimples are also called acne, they occur when your skin’s oil glands become overly active and the pores become inflamed. Some types of skin bacteria can make acne worse. Here is an amazing idea to get rid of this painful acne.

Green tea is amazing for this problem. Freeze green tea in ice cubes and gently massage on pimples and then hot cloth, again ice cube and then hot cloth. Repeat it 7 to 8 times to get pimple-free skin.


These are small bumps on your face. These bumps are called blackheads because the surface looks dark or black. These look ugly on your face, try this amazing DIY remedy to get rid of blackheads.

Take an egg white. apply it to your face with a brush. Put some tissue on it, let it dry. And remove tissue paper from your face, you’ll find all your blackheads on the tissue paper.

Makeup Tips:

Make-up has become a part of our lives. Here we are telling you some amazing DIYs.

Redness removing:

Sometimes we got redness on our face due to some activities like threading etc. Gently massage with cucumber to get rid of redness.

Use of aloe vera Gel:

Use Aleovera Gel to shape your eyebrows. It also helps you to get thicker eyebrows.

Long-Lasting Lipstick:

If your lipstick does not last for the whole day. Try this amazing DIY remedy to make it long-lasting. The use of henna instead of lipstick is perfect for this problem.

Yellow Teeth:

Yellow teeth look too much ugly. It spoils your looks. Use this amazing hack to get instantly white teeth. The use of banana peel amazingly shows results in this situation.

Also, you can use avocado along with baking soda to make your teeth whiter.

Scattered Hair:

Scattered hairs are a big problem. It creates a messy look. To settle them down use this amazing hack by combining your hairs with mascara spoolie.

Silky hairs:

Everyone wants silky hairs. It’s too difficult for everyone to get costly hair products. But you can use it to get silky smooth hairs at home. The use of avocado with an egg in it is an amazing mask to make your hair soft and smooth.

Making of Shaving Form:

If you get out of your shaving form you can easily make it at home. You just need these ingredients;

Coconut oil

Shea butter

Olive oil

Blend these ingredients until it converts into a creamy form. Use this cream as shaving form.

Hide Pimples with Make-up:

Pimples look too bad. They are also irritating and painful. But if you are going out and instantly to hide it you can make it possible with this tip. Using an eyeshadow along with concealer is amazing to hide pimples. After it, you can use your foundation to make your skin even tone.

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