OnePlus Nord CE 3 5G Full Review

OnePlus Nord CE 3 5G Full Review

Feat. Nord Buds 2R ⚡ The Best OnePlus Phone Under 30K?!

Friends, I think 2023 belongs to OnePlus. This year when they launched the 11, 11R, and Nord 3, I had positive feedback with every phone. In fact, we’ve done a full review of the Nord 3. If you haven’t seen it, then do go & watch it. Now under Rs 30K, it replaces the Nord with the Nord CE 3 which we generally expect that the Nord phones without the CE will come under Rs 30K.

Nord CE 3: The New OnePlus Contender

But they’ve gone above Rs 30K. Now the Nord CE 3 is very interesting. This is between Rs 25K and 30K. And if you want a phone in that price range, then the Nord CE 3 might be a good option. I’ll tell you why. First, we had to test the new 782 processor. So we used it for 15 days & then I’m reviewing it.

Design & Build Quality

Let’s get the design & build quality out of the way. If you look at it from the back, people won’t be able to tell if it’s the Nord 3 or the Nord CE 3. The Nord 3 is of Rs 35K. But this comes under Rs 30K. The only difference is that it has an extra sensor here. The rest looks exactly the same.

Performance & Battery

Even in terms of optimization, it’s really good. You’ll see frame drops after 1-1.5 hours of continuous gaming. But generally, if you play normal games or multitask, the 782G processor does everything that you expect. But what stood out for me? Whenever I type & play games, the 4D haptic feedback is amazing. It’s one of the best under Rs 30K.

Fast Charging & Battery Life

In this price range, it’s probably the best phone with the best haptics. And when you buy this phone, you’ll get used to 1 thing. It’s fast charging. You won’t be able to go to any other phone after that. Because 80W fast charging is 0-100% in 30-35 mins. But even in terms of battery, it has a 5000mAh battery & I got 7-8 hours of SoT.

Software Experience

The Oxygen OS 13.1 is based on Android 13. It’s very clean & bug-free. There are no bugs & you enjoy using it. In fact, if you’ve used the OnePlus phone before, you’re going to enjoy this. Again, it’s one of the better UI’s & better skins out there on Android. I really liked it.

Multimedia Experience

Multimedia consumption on the OnePlus Nord CE 3 is a pleasant experience. You enjoy it. So I’d like to give a thumbs up for the multimedia. Speaking of multimedia, OnePlus has launched the OnePlus Nord 2R TWS. And we were testing the multimedia with it. And I’ll tell you what, the bass is heavy.

Camera Performance

The primary sensor on it is Sony’s IMX890 sensor. Think about it, the Nord 3 which is more than Rs 7-8K has the same sensor. OnePlus 11 & 11R also have IMX890 sensors. But yes, it has a different processor & ISP. So the output is a little different because the ISP is different. The 8th Gen & 2nd Gen will be different.

Price and Conclusion

The 8GB RAM variant is priced at Rs 26,999 & the 12GB RAM variant is priced at Rs 28,999. And if you want to buy it, then my suggestion would be to go for the upper variant. 12GB RAM & 256GB storage. You’ll pay Rs 2K more, but it’s worth every penny. As I said at the start of the video, if your budget is between Rs 25-30K, then you should definitely check out the OnePlus Nord CE 3.



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