Pakistan Air Force Plane crashes – Muft Malomat

Pakistan Air Force Plane crashes - Muft Malomat

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) instructor airplane crashed in the country’s northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Wednesday. However, there was no precision on if there was any victim, according to an official statement. The PAF Said in a statement, the airplane crashed in the province of the Mardan area during a routine training mission.


A top board of survey has been ordered to investigate the cause of the crash. The PAF did not agree with the pilot’s condition. Accidents of PAF’s planes are fairly common in Pakistan and on August 6, a PAF plane crashed near Attock during a routine mission.

 Last year in September, a PAF airplane crashed near the Pindigheb area of Attock district during a routine flight.

 Past in February of the same year, a PAF Mirage airplane crashed near Shorkot in Punjab. The airplane was on a routine operational training mission at the time of the incident, said a statement released by the PAF.


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