Parizaad to bring real-life revolution after reel-life


Parizaad to bring real-life changes after reel-life

In the light of huge success and subtle impacts, Parizaad is applauded in many ways and has also brought revolutionary changes in daily lifestyle of people.

Things appear to be changing because of its wild popularity and deep influence on community.

The emphasis which it had created on the fondness and promotion of Urdu has started blooming.

After watching Parizaad, The Government of Balochistan has decided to uplift the standards of schooling in Urdu Medium Schools across the province to bring them closer to English medium school facilities.

Ahmed Ali Akbar, the leading actor, profoundly shared this news and he couldn’t be more happy and proud to be a major part of it.

As he posted in its Instagram official with a caption ”May we tell stories to open our minds
May we open our hearts to stories of all kinds.”

A huge round of applause to the production team and writers for coming up with such an initiative to bring positive changes in society.

Now, this is how a good drama creates a good impact on society.

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