Parizaad’s journey has netizens all praising its poetic and realistic nature

Parizaad’s journey has netizens all praising its poetic and realistic nature…

                                        Hop into this journey only if you want to

                                        face the parizaad inside you for a while!


Primarily written by Hashim Nadeem and directed by Shahzad Kashmiri, the serial is based on his famous novel Parizaad which gains glorious fame due to its promising storyline and subtle messages. The play revolves around a guy whose mother named him parizaad meaning a person who appears to be beautiful or handsome. On the contrary, the protagonist is dark in complexion but unique in his perspective and has been mocked throughout his life. 


The series is all about Ahmed Ali Akbar’s supremacy who pulled off his character like it is meant for him. The epic characterization and transformation from a naive Parizaad to bossy PZ Mir and ultimately to nomad Ahmed had hooked all the viewers. 


It is highly renowned in South Asia. Even the actor said, “I related with the character so deep ahead that the director let me do whatever and however I perform… I chose it because I knew I had to do it.” 


All the way his life he had been wandering for one special sight that would solely be for him without any prejudice.


Being a thoughtful individual, he got to experience many trials hence had been used by his influential people around. Like his friend Nasaaz suggested, to never extinguish this spark and be a king of words’ kingdom, as looks are the secondary introduction of a person.


The power of Urdu literature is the prime essence of this blockbuster serial. Hardly before, had they made such revolutionary content on poetry and literature. Similarly, the rhetorical skills of Nasaaz are spell-bounded along with aesthetically pleasing places and music. 


The theme of the serial is not specific and deals with enormous aspects of human nature, be it wealth matters, hero-worship, selfishness, and hypocritical standards of the people. Moreover, it chose one of the crucial topics which are considered to be taboo in the society like gender dysphoria. 


I will run out of words but can’t run out of feelings which I developed out of this masterpiece. But as cliche as it sounds, All good things come to an end sooner or later. 


I hope we will be able to ignite that “Mann k jugnu jala leingy” someday in our life and get that heartfelt sight which parizaad was lucky enough to achieve at the end. 


By Kashaf Jay.

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