Pathaan Box office Collection & Review

“Pathaan Movie” Box office Collection from Released date to till now

Pathaan movie, the much-awaited movie from the makers of Blockbuster, has released on 25th January 2023. The movie has opened to a rousing reception from both the critics as well as the audience. The movie has made a decent collection at the box office and it is still going strong with its collections.


Pathaan movie has collected within the range of Rs. 5.5 to Rs. 8 Crores within their first week. The movie has been released on more than 500 screens across the country. The word of mouth has been positive and the movie is slowly gaining momentum. The movie has been one of the most successful ones in terms of collections, considering it is a low-budget movie.

The movie has also been appreciated for its story, performance, and direction by the viewer. The movie has been loved by the audience and has been rated favorably by critics. The movie has been a success due to its good story and an amazing performance by the cast.

Overall, the Pathaan movie has been a success at the box office and has earned a decent amount within its first week. The movie has set a good benchmark for other low-budget movies and has proved to be a success for the makers.

Pathan is the latest action-thriller to hit the big screen and it has been receiving rave reviews from both critics and audiences alike. The movie, which stars Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in the lead roles, is a thrilling tale of revenge and redemption and it has been a box-office hit.

According to reports, Pathan earned a total of Rs.200 crores at the box office within the first week of its release. It has broken several records and has become one of the highest-grossing movies of the year. The movie has also seen an impressive overseas collection, with the movie performing especially well in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the US.

The movie has been praised for its fast-paced action sequences and its tight storyline. The performances of Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone have been lauded and the movie has also earned critical acclaim for its direction and production values.

Overall, Pathan has been a huge success at the box office and it is sure to continue to draw in the crowds in the weeks to come.

Pathaan Movie Review

Pathaan Movie Review

Pathan, sometimes known as Pathaan, is a film that has received some of the best reviews in history. In addition, Salman Khan, better known by his stage name Bhaijaan, makes an appearance in the film. A spectacular cameo appearance is made by Salman in his “Tiger” character. You are guaranteed to have a good time whenever Salman is present on the screen. The events that take place in this movie can easily be guessed. When it comes to the planning of this terrorist attack, the same situation in which a single agent and an intelligence agency end up protecting the nation apply. Even if it’s just another duty and threat, “Pathan” manages to stand out as something truly original. The fact that this movie can keep you amused throughout its entirety is without a doubt its most impressive accomplishment.

In spite of the rapid progression of the film’s storyline, the screenwriters were unable to convey the backstories of each of the characters. The first few seconds of Deepika’s childhood have already been covered, and the rest of her story is your responsibility to comprehend. The crowd is deprived of the opportunity to rejoice since Shahrukh’s introduction is botched. Even with the limited background information provided, the writers have not provided much insight into the Pathan character they have constructed.

Pathaan Movie

Pathan, sometimes known as Pathaan, is a film that has received some of the best reviews in history. It is easy to see how much work was spent into creating John’s entry scene. The presence of Salman, even if only for a fleeting moment, helps to break up the monotony of the film at this particular scene. In this scene, Salman transforms his friend Pathan into a tiger while tickling him the whole time. The fact that the story started on the mission and ended on the same location is another factor that is neglected in this scenario for some reason. You’ll probably note that there isn’t a lot of romantic content here. Besharam Rang is the only piece of music that can be heard throughout the entirety of the film. In addition, the second song will play at the conclusion of the movie for your enjoyment.

It was speculated that John, who wound up playing the role of the antagonist, might be a tad too powerful, but in the end, he was eliminated with relative ease. It could also strike you as odd that the villain keeps giving himself advice on how to thwart the plan he’s working on.

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