how can we pet safe with all the added decorations and holiday parties?

Pet Safety for the Holidays


I have a couple of questions here first we have new pets in my house actually a couple of new kittens so how can we pet safe with all the added decorations and holiday parties in the hustle and bustle yes this goes for kittens this goes for puppies like this little guy I mean you want to keep those lights out of their reach especially if

They’re you know I’m like strings or wires dangling you want to keep them out of their reach they’re going to be curious are going to want to know what’s going on especially if they’re seeing it for the first time tinsel as well can be dangerous avoid that and some of those holiday plants you know you may think they may not chew on them but they may poinsettias some of that mistletoe the pine needles that may fall from trees if they eat those that could be toxic to

Them so you know keep them out of their reach or sweep them up if they do fall speaking of things to sweep up you might want to sweep up table scraps or crumbs or things that fall while you’re having your holiday dinner because again you want to keep there’s a little stomach safe and then for families that are traveling around the holidays what items do you recommend for the trip and what can we not bring even though we probably think we should ride so you know to keep

You just want a couple of toys not every single telling in the collection and as far as keeping them safe you know the good carrier goes a long way make sure the carriers in the backseat if you’re driving by car, are safely secured traveling by air check with your airline ahead of time see what their restrictions are you may need updated vaccinations to note from your vet check with your airline on that and have a secondary ID something with their photo

On it contact information just in case you guys do get separated awesome and then so for the pet parents who can’t take their pets with them when traveling what should they do with them and how can they make that easier with the separation you know a reliable pet sitter is going to be your best friend while you’re away if you don’t have a pet sitter in mind go to Rover calm it’s a great site that can connect you with somebody who can set your pet while

You’re gone and then if you have to be away and you want to watch their items like the pet cube are really terrific and they make great stocking stuffers the pet cube has a wide-angle lens you can see your pet even at night time because it has night vision on it watch them via your smartphone play with them via your smartphone because it has a laser pointer that you can connect to and control with your smartphone and it just really works well as far as

Staying somewhat connected and aware of what goes on with your pet while you’re not there as far as feeding them the pet netsmart feeder will feed them at regular intervals that your program of course and has a backup battery and backup power and backup memory just in case you know you’re out of range or the power does go out so peace of mind in this case huge yeah that’s really cool and then kind of leads into my next question are there any unique gift ideas

For pets or friends and relatives who have been yeah I mean you can certainly give these guys as gifts the ones I just mentioned but the Wonder wolf is a Fitbit for dogs it’s just a little it’s based small little bow tie sighs electronic device that attaches to their collar and monitors their steps it keeps track of all their activity levels and that’s a great thing to just be even more aware of where your pets at whether you’re with them or not

Then you have the more traditional fun plush toys apparel accessories from dr. Seuss and trolls pet fans collection rogue one is coming out so there’s a nice Star Wars line of toys at Petco the harmony a beds collection is great and remember that if you do want to dress like your dog Petco’s got you covered you got scarves matching for both you and your pet of helpful I Petco so there’s something for everyone sounds really awesome and then I know we talked

Earlier about the things that we can do to kind keep our pets safe during the holidays how can we spread holiday cheer with them what can we do with our pets well one great thing the best way to spread holiday cheer is obviously keeping them safe because if they’re happy and say if you’ll be happy but the other great thing to keep in mind is your local Petco on December 10th and 17 from one to four you can get a photo with Santa and we all know we

Love our kids taking pictures with Santa and hey why not included a pet as well for 995 to get a photo all the proceeds go to the Petco Foundation which is an organization that supports pets in need so it’s stored a win-win great cause and you get a pet picture with Santa, as a result, yeah and then so we talked about kind of gift ideas for pets or people who already have them what if you’re thinking about getting somebody a pet for Christmas what’s the best way to do

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