Promising Top 13 weight loss drinks

Table of contents:

Best weight loss drinks

Natural drinks for weight loss

  • Coffee
  • Apple cider vinegar

Best water juices for weight loss

  • Water
  • Coconut water
  • Ispaghula water
  • Lime water

Best tea for weight loss:

  • Green tea
  • Fennel tea
  • Ginger tea
  • Cumin seeds tea

Juice of vegetables

Make weight loss drink at home

  • Dalchini drink
  • Lime vinegar drink
  • Lime ginger drink

Worst weight loss drinks

  • Special sugary coffee
  • Juices of fruits
  • Carbonated drinks

Last remarks

Miracles of weight loss drinks:

Stopping oneself from eating food is difficult. However, when it comes to high-calories, it is even more impossible. These weight loss drinks focus on vital systems of the body. With the help of these weight loss drinks, you will feel full. It is not equivalent to starving in any way. These drinks have given benefits to many people. Most of the drinks on this list are researched by scientists. Hence, they are effective in improving the health of an individual. These weight loss drinks are best for reducing the weight of an individual. Losing weight takes time. You won’t lose all of your weight in a blink of an eye. Make healthy changes in your lifestyle. Focus on Exercises and workouts.

Must read our article, till the end to know about all the weight loss drinks. These drinks are easy to make. These drinks are nourishing and have been here for ages. However, now we know the importance of losing weight.

Best weight loss drinks

Natural drinks for weight loss:

Drink coffee to lose weight

Coffee :

There are various types of coffee in the market. There is mocha coffee, black coffee, simple coffee, and many more. However, black coffee is the best weight loss drink. For those who want to reduce weight with the help of a weight loss drink. Also, they don’t want to compromise on taste should definitely try this excellent weight loss drink.

Drink this coffee before your meal. You can drink it two or three hours before eating. However, some people go beyond the recommended amount and drink tons of coffee. Increasing the amount will only lead to undesired results. The recommended amount for drinking coffee is 2 cups per day. More precisely, only 200 ml of coffee is daily. An increase in intake of coffee can lead to various unhealthy conditions, too.

Coffee also makes a person lively. We all know at least one person in our lives whose day can not start without a cup of coffee. After drinking coffee, they are so joyous and lively about everything. Coffee drinkers are often in shape. They are rarely obese or unhealthy.

Apple cider vinegar:

There are various kinds of vinegar in the market. However, apple cider vinegar makes a perfect weight loss drink. It effectively reduces the weight of a person. Do not drink more than 250 ml. Mix this vinegar in the water. One spoon is enough to get this miracle drink to work for you. Vinegar is acidic in nature. If you eat more than the usual amount. Then there are high chances that your teeth will get damaged. Therefore, it’s best to brush your teeth after using this weight loss drink.

For getting fast and optimum results, drink this weight loss juice before your breakfast. However, drinking it first thing in the morning will also contribute to your weight loss journey.

Best water juices for weight loss:


Clean water is available at every home. The best part is that you don’t even have to try hard to make water a part of your life. Keeping a water bottle with yourself at all times is helpful in making water part of your daily life.

Our tip: drinking water before a meal is helpful in weight loss. Drink two glasses of water. It will increase the metabolism of a person. Moreover you will feel less hungry and won’t feel the urge to eat more than usual.

There are various studies conducted by universities and research centers. These studies show the importance of water in losing weight. It mainly focuses on how quickly you can lose weight by drinking only 500 ml water daily. However, you must make changes in your lifestyle. Therefore a diet plays crucial part in it. Read our article best diet plans to know more about how to lose weight and become slim.

Coconut water:

Getting tired after a heavy workout is a given. We lose many nutrients, proteins, and essential contents from our bodies. It might be sweat, burning, or something else.

It will lead to an unhealthy body. Therefore, to complete these nutritional requirements. There are various soda companies and power water companies. These companies sell their products claiming that they give all the essential nutrients a person needs after a workout. But do you know that there is a natural drink solely for this purpose? Yes, you are right.

Coconut water is full of electrolytes, nutrients, and various beneficial contents. Keep a bottle with yourself and fill it with coconut water. Drink this while running, exercising, and on a daily basis in general. This drink is helpful in losing weight.

Ispaghula water:

It is not only a miraculous weight loss drink. It also works amazingly in making a person healthy overall. Stomach ache is a common problem. This miraculous water solves this issue. You are nauseous, then try this drink. Drink this to get rid of that disturbing feeling. Drinking this will make you healthy and effectively reduce your weight.

Mix one or two spoons of ispaghula in a glass of water. Drink it twice a day. There is no particular restriction about which time you should drink this weight loss drink. This water has numerous health advantages.

Lime water:

Lime water, most commonly known as lemon water, is a miraculous weight loss drink. It is one drink that not only focuses on losing weight. It also makes skin glow. So this one drink has numerous benefits. It is a detoxifying drink.

All you need for this drink is a glass of water and lemon. Extract all the lemon into the glass of water. Mix this properly. This weight loss drink works best when taken empty stomach. Moreover, many people have gotten effective and quick results with this miraculous weight loss drink. You can also take this weight loss drink during the day. Usually, the water consumption of the human body is not up to the mark. We drink less water which adversely affects our bodies. You can readily compensate for the water loss by taking this drink regularly. There are various weight loss drinks that taste bitter. It is hard to chug it. On the contrary, lime juice is healthy and delicious.

Best tea for weight loss:

Green tea:

Green tea is rich in numerous contents. There is a unique substance in green tea that reduces the damage caused by free radicals. Green tea is so good for the cells of the body. For getting fast and better results, drink this weight loss drink almost twice a day.

According to some nutritionists, the results of green tea are not long-lasting. There is no simple study about green tea. Any relevant research effectively contributes to the weight loss of a person. However, many people have successfully lost their weight with the help of this weight loss drink.

Black tea:

Black tea contains various phenol hydroxyl groups. This weight loss drink works a lot like green tea. It breaks all the unnecessary fats of the body. It removes the fat from the body.

The target is the metabolism of the body. Thus, it leads to making a person slim and smart. Drink this weight loss drink twice a day to see the best results. The calories of a person can be cut down to a great extent by using this weight loss drink.

Fennel tea:

Fennel tea is a miracle weight loss drink. Fennel tea is like a water pill. It basically reduces the amount of salt in the body. As we know, salt does not leave the body alone. It leaves the body along with water. Therefore, ultimately, the weight of a person will decrease. The credit goes to the weight loss drink.

Drink this tea before the meal to get the best results. This drink will reduce your hunger. However, do not drink fennel tea more than twice a day. It can lead to a reduction of water in the body. Therefore, this water loss will cause dehydration. To avoid this situation, we suggest avoiding drinking this tea more than twice.

Cumin seeds tea:

We usually use cumin for making meals and cooking delicious food. However, these seeds have more benefits than just cooking a curry. These cumin seeds are nourishing and play a primary role in weight loss. This weight loss drink is perfect for stomach aches and is also an energy drink.

There is not much evidence about the effectiveness of cumin tea in weight loss. However, this weight loss drink has various contents that make the body healthy. It makes the body strong and powerful. It gives strength to do exercises and workouts.

Ginger tea:

For centuries ginger has been used as a herbaceous plant. In previous times, people used this natural herb a lot. They used it for cooking food and tasty meals. However, now we know that this herb has various benefits. It is not bound to add flavor and aroma only to our daily meals. A recent study suggests that people who drink ginger tea reduce weight faster.

We recommend adding two spoons of powdered ginger into the water. Drink this daily until you see your desired results. The water must be warm. This water will not help lessen weight in this case. Taking this weight loss drink with breakfast is the best way to lose weight faster. Ginger tea basically reduces the urge to eat tons of foods. When you drink this tea in the morning, it simply keeps your stomach full. As a result, you will not consume much food. This will lead to you becoming more slim and smart.

Juice of vegetables:

We all know that fruit juice is notorious for gaining weight. It is because there are many fats and contents in the juices. These drinks contribute to increasing the BMI of a person. However, we can not say the same thing about vegetable juice. Vegetables are rich in a substance known as fiber.

When a person drinks vegetable juice, numerous changes happen in the body. Humans have sudden hunger pangs or urges to eat food. Vegetable juice eliminates all these urges. As a result, you won’t eat overly food. It helps reduce weight. This natural weight loss drink needs little to no effort.

Vegetable juice also gives glowing and beautiful skin. Therefore by drinking this veggie juice, you will lose weight and get glowing skin.

Make weight loss drink at home:

We have already mentioned the best natural weight loss drinks. You do not have to do anything, naturally drink them. They are readily available at everyone’s home. Now moving on, let’s talk about some more powerful weight loss drinks. These are homemade drinks. You can make them in your kitchen without putting in the extra effort. Easy to make and For better and permanent results, keep drinking these weight loss drinks. We suggest drinking these juices for at least two or three months. To increase the effectiveness, try some weight loss exercises and workouts.

Dalchini drink:

Dalchini is usually known as cinnamon. There are numerous types of Dalchini. You can pick whichever you want or whatever is available at your home.

Basic ingredients:

For making this drink, you need Dalchini, pure honey, and water. This drink is effective when it is made with warm water.

How to make Dalchini drink:

  • Take one glass of water and boil it. There is no standard boiling method. You can microwave the water or directly warm it on the stove. Whatever process works the best for you.
  • Now, after 5 minutes, add Dalchini ( cinnamon) into the boiling water. You can add cloves or powder too. However, Dalchini cloves are the most appropriate ingredient. Some people prefer adding 2 tsp of cinnamon powder.
  • After 5 to 10 minutes, stop boiling the water. Wait for the water to cool down.
  • After 15 minutes, add 1 tsp honey to your weight loss drink.

Your weight loss drink is ready. Drink it before breakfast. This weight loss drink is easy to store and easy to make. However, preparing fresh drinks every day increases the effectiveness.

Lime ginger drink:

This drink is close to lemon water and ginger water. Both of them are fruitful in reducing weight. When combined, the powers increase up to 10 x.

Basic ingredients:

For preparing this juice, you need water, lemon, ginger. Another vital ingredient is roasted or fried jeera. Jeera is another name for cumin seeds.

How to make the lime ginger drink:

  • Roast pinch jeera properly and set it aside.
  • Take a blender or juicer. Add one thumb length of ginger into the juicer. For blending it properly, add 1 cup of water
  • Once you have finished blending. Make lemon juice. For making lemon juice squeeze a lemon into a glass of water.
  • Add 1 tsp of lemon juice into the blended ginger and water.
  • Add cumin seeds, and now you are done with your weight loss juice.

Before drinking this weight loss juice, mix it properly. Stirring all the ingredients will form a collective bond. Moreover, mixing is necessary for making the juice tasty. You can add salt as per your taste.

Lime vinegar drink:

This drink is tasty and so effective in reducing weight. Therefore you can call this a miraculous weight loss drink. Losing weight is easy with this drink.

Basic ingredients:

There are four to five essential ingredients. These ingredients make this miraculous weight loss drink.

You need lemon, apple cider vinegar, berries, honey, and water.

How to make lime vinegar drink:

  • Firstly, make lemon juice. We have already described the perfect way of making lemon juice in our previous recipe. We only need 1 tsp lime juice
  • Moving on, take the frozen berries in a bowl. Crush them with the aid of a spatula. You can use anything that is easy to crush berries. 2 tbsp of frozen berries is more than enough for this miraculous weight loss drink.
  • Add 1 tbsp of lime juice into the berries. Mix this properly.
  • Again, add 1 tbsp of vinegar along with water.

Mix all the ingredients, and you are done with your incredible weight loss drink. It only takes less than 10 minutes to make. You can add honey for additional taste. Those who want to add more flavor add ice to this. Ice is overall good for the stomach. It also reduces the acidity of the stomach. There are many benefits of ice. All the ingredients are healthy. Collectively, they make this incredibly effective weight loss drink.

The worst weight loss drinks

Special sugary coffee:

There are various new dishes in restaurants nowadays. In order to excite the taste buds of a person, we make sugary and tasty coffees. Some contain too much sugar content, which can be unhealthy sometimes. However, black coffee is good for weight loss. In contrary to other types such as latte, mocha, and many more that are full of sugar.

For everyone on the weight loss journey, eliminate whipped cream from your coffee. There are also cafes that ask about the calories restrictions of a person before they take the order. Therefore, don’t hesitate to order what’s in the best interest of you and your healthy body.

Juices of fruits:

Fruits are rich in content and nourishing for the body. However, the fruit juices available in the market have many additives, preservatives, and sweeteners. All these contents increase the sugar content. By now, we are well aware of how harmful high sugar content is in your weight loss journey. It is not bold to cut fruit juice from the diet.

Check the tags and nutrients in the juice. All the nutrients, such as fats, additives, sugar, and everything, are mentioned on the packet of the product. If it’s within the range of your diet, then you should drink it without any worries. Another easy way is to make real juice at home. This way, you can plan all the essential and non-essential contents.

Carbonated drinks:

These drinks have no nutritional value at all. People usually drink these while watching television. Sometimes binge eating, working on their laptops and eliminating their thirst.

Chugging these drinks instead of drinking water is unhealthy and damaging to your body on so many levels. There is not much knowledge about this issue. However, even those who know do their best to ignore how harmful these sodas are. Don’t put a blind eye to your health.

Even diet soda is ineffective in reducing weight. There is little to no benefit of using diet soda. However, there are no evident researches to support this theory.

Last remarks:

Weight loss drinks are nothing less than a miracle when we talk about the breakdown of fat and increasing digestion. There are numerous factors that contribute to decreasing weight.

By drinking the drinks on the lists, you will see results instantly. These drinks will make you healthy. They will give you radiant and glowing skin. On top of that, these fascinating weight loss drinks contribute to decreasing weight in a healthy manner.




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