PTA Mobile Tax Iphone13 Pro Max

PTA Mobile Tax Iphone13 Pro Max

In 2022, we are seeing huge tax increases. These are small pleasures, and I don’t think this government will let us be happy in them either. Nowadays, anyone who buys an iPhone and shows it off in tik tok will also stay away from the iPhone from now. Because the tax on the iPhone is now even higher than the price on it.


A mini-budget has launched in which two types of taxes have been mentioned. Mobile phone load and a mobile phone import that is brought from outside.

Mobile phone load taxes

The mini-budget that has launched has also seen increase in taxes on mobile phone loads. Those who used to get Rs90 on a load of 100 will now get Rs72 only. That is, the tax has increased so much. The Mobile package we used to charge for 300 is now 450. Now the tax is the tax on everything. The internet that used to be there is no longer in everyone’s hands. The government will not allow us to be happy in all these joys. It should not have happened because everybody pays the balance. It is what every human being needs. Now everyone from the poor to the rich will have to pay taxes.

Mobile phone import taxes

If you import a mobile phone from abroad and want to activate it in Pakistan, you will be charged PTA tax on it. And this tax has gone up a lot. iPhone you used to import or smuggle from abroad has now been taxed by thousands.

Let me tell you about different iPhone taxes.

Iphone13 Pro max tax RP. 73819

Iphone12 pro max tax RP. 72839

X to 12 tax RP. 69814

8 & 8+ tax RP. 49118

7 & 7+ tax RP. 36554

The mobile phone we used to import for $ 100 or 200$ then the tax was 11000, but now we have to pay 25000 taxes for importing the same phone. That is, the tax has increased more than double. The tax on every phone we order from outside has doubled, the common men cannot afford this phone because the tax on every phone we order from abroad is many times higher than their price.


Now it has been proved that the work of import from outside is over. They do this by taking the iPhone along with a simple mobile phone for the call and to show the people that we have the iPhone. Phones that are not officially coming to Pakistan and are not being made officially in Pakistan used to have a maximum tax of 45000 but, now it has increased to 85000. Taxes have risen sharply.

Almost all mobile companies(Vivo, oppo, Samsung, etc.) have come to Pakistan. The tax we are seeing is the import tax. Pakistan wants iPhone to come to Pakistan and set up its plot and sell it by manufacturing and selling in Pakistan too, this is not possible because iPhone has no plans to do so. And, there is a lot of tension among those who wanted to buy an iPhone but seeing so much tax, People have changed their minds and those who have put the iPhone on the PTA website to get it activated. They have also seen the updated tax slab.

CBU (Completely Build Units):

These taxes are levied on CBU units.

CBU units are mobile phones that are being manufactured in Pakistan, i.e., if we import iPhone then it is called Complete Build Unit, these taxes are applied on these mobiles.

These taxes are not applied to SKD and CKD units.

SKD UNITS(Semi Knock Down):

Phones or units that are not completely assembled in Pakistan. They are assembling inside the Pakistan market. When they are brought into the Pakistan market, they are assembled to a great extent.

CKD(Complete Knock Down):

CKD units are one step ahead of SKD units. These mobiles are not complete at all, they are completely knocked down. Every work component inside it is separate and most of the work of assembling inside it is being done by Pakistan. That is, every mobile has different taxes.

Situation after tax increasing

These taxes will completely change the game. Now with what technique will people buy iPhones? If we look at the tax on the iPhone13 pro-Max, it is Rs. 85,000. And the iPhone13 tax is very close to that. Then people will buy this way or they will stop buying iPhones. And if they get an iPhone, they will get an iPhone13 Pro Max instead of an iPhone13 because they both have the same tax. Because there is not much difference between two mobiles.


I don’t think raising taxes on mobiles is big because local and small mobile companies have been manufacturing in Pakistan from this tax. But they are raising taxes too much.

Everything looks good in one limit. This situation is dangerous for now because those who already have an iPhone will benefit because they can sell it and get a higher price. But it will be difficult for the new guy to buy it. Therefore, some steps should be taken by the government to control the rising taxes.


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