Sales Funnel Terminology

Sales Funnel Terminology

Lecture no: 7

When we are creating a sales funnel. There will be different types of pages used. Let’s discuss!

Different Terminologies and Pages Used in Sales Funnel:

Squeeze pages/ opt in package

A squeeze page is a type of landing page marketers use to collect just email addresses from visitors. You persuade of “squeeze” visitors to provide this info by presenting a special offer, gating valuable content, or restricting access in some ways.

Landing page:

May contain multiple form fields, to gather as much info as possible from leads.

Vary in length.

Can be click-through( via a button)

Often feature elaborate graphics, details, and social proofs.

Can be used at any point in the buyer journey.

May receive traffic from multiple sources, including email.

Squeeze Page:

Contain only one or two form fields: name and email address

Often much shortener and to-the-point

Always contain at least two form fields(for lead generation)

Often features the bare minimum to keep visitors from overthinking.

Typically, we used it near the start of the buyer journey.

Typically, we do not receive traffic from sources.

Elements of bridge page:

To make a high converting bridge page. There are a few elements you should include.

Eye-catching title

Engaging video or written content


Value stack

Social proof

Call-to-action(CTA) buttons

Countdown timer


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