In this episode of the week, the Platoon Commander aka Major Samia notified all lady cadets (LCs) to write letters to their home members. She informed them that they could write it on weekends if any of them got homesick.


It was quite a challenge for Mahjabeen Mastaan due to the communication gap with her parents. So, she put forward this matter to the commander. On her advice, she took it as a head-on target and went on this way.


Writing a very first handwritten letter, in a total dilemma, she confessed to missing both of them and her routine regardless of being at home back then.


In Kakul, she became ignorant of her glamorous life which was merely an illusion and got to see the true meaning of life. Everything is calculated and budgeted here as compared to her home which has almost every life luxury. She wants to leave her mark there forever.


A very intimate thing she mentioned is that “I don’t know who is better. Either it’s we, who spend all life collecting unnecessary life resources, or it is them who do not even keep their lives to themselves.”


Likewise, Shaista Khanzada dedicated her letter to her grandma and admitted that she always misses her (Daadi) in her drills and whenever gets scolded by staff because that’s what she wants her to be treated.


Meanwhile, Rabia caught Nathmy’s secret of knowing Urdu. While Major Usama, being a competent SSG commander, knew it from the beginning due to her reflexes on sessions.


Similarly, Rabia Safeer wrote her heartfelt letter for his friendly brother, who also happens to be in the military. However, her conflict with Mahjabeen still couldn’t be resolved.


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Sinf e Aahan Episode 11 Whatch on Daily Motion – Subtitle Eng – 5th February 2022 – ARY Digital Drama,

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