Sinf e ahan episode 12 Ary digital drama

Sinf e Aahan Episode 12 Subtitle Eng- 12th February 2022 – ARY Digital Drama






Following the latest episode of this week, it began with a letter written by Pariwash. She informed her father about her wellbeing and her fragility. But she is being polished by PMA, removing all her complexes regarding her poor background.

Saving money is all she wants to get back their land from the tribe leader. She avoids junk foods when all girls enjoy it together in the canteen; and doesn’t even spend on services just to make her father’s dream fulfilled.

She narrated as: You ( father) always told me that I’m the daughter of Sibi Balochistan. Whenever I succeeded in my life, I felt proud to represent my tribe and province. But here I realized an individual is identified not only by his/ her tribe and city but with a country.

Our ‘Qomi Tarana’ and father of the nation ‘Muhammad Ali Jinnah’ didn’t bias anyone of us on basis of anything. We all are united and there’s no inequality here. So, I no longer remain a daughter of Balochistan but I am a daughter of PAKISTAN.

Coming forward, all LCs get their gun’s drills and are facing more challenges. On the other hand, we got to know the Nathmy Perera father’s martyr story in a terrorist attack.

She was an eyewitness and said, ‘ In a terrorist attack you never escape unhurt, you might not get an injury but you’re traumatized for life especially when you lost one of your dearest’.

Lastly, Aarzu Daniel wrote a letter to her parents and informed them that she is sending her salary to them. She owes to PMA for letting her free from financial burden and her family could easily pay their home’s rent. Through this, her status would have been changed ahead.

To her surprise, being a minority( Christian), she’s not being humiliated. They are treated alike and their punishments and privileges are all the same. She has been more grateful to our country in such an environment.

Strange enough, she stopped caring about her toxic boyfriend who appeared to her as a sole hope in a dark world. Her life perspective has changed and for the first time in life she felt empowered and became a goal-oriented person.

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Sinf e Aahan Episode 12 [Subtitle Eng] – 12th February 2022 – ARY Digital Drama

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