Smart Appliances, Gadgets For Every Home Various utensils, inventions and ideas, kitchen makeup – Muft Malomat

Smart Appliances, Gadgets For Every Home -muft malomat

Smart Appliances, Gadgets For Every Home Various utensils, inventions and ideas, kitchen makeup – 5 mint ideas

DIY tricks and hacks are working and beneficial when there’s an emergency or an hour of need. This video tells you how to use different machines and appliances in various forms in our daily life routine to save time and money. These tricks and hacks would help you out in your daily routine tasks.

Key chain/holder: key chain holders in different colors and designs are available to keep the key safe.

Ice cubes make different cold drinks and juice ice cubes and use them directly when needed.

Watermelon juicer: juicer with a glass holder can be carried easily anywhere.

Folding basket: The basket can be easily carried and hung anywhere and can be folded easily.

Wall tray container: you can hang a holder on any wall and can place different trays in it.

Airtight packing: Any object can be easily packed by using a hairdryer by plastic packing.

Window covering: light coming from windows can be avoided by applying a thick plastic sheet on windows.

Bathing brush: you can use a body bathing brush to reach the body parts easily.

Back door mirror: you can hang a mirror to the back of your room door.

Mask structure: you can add a mask structure inside your mask for speaking and breathing easily through the mask.

Car cleaning jelly: A jelly-like substance is used to clean the car efficiently.

Car seat protector: A car seat protector is used when the seat becomes too hot to sit on it.

Washroom kit holder: A washroom kit holder holds all your shower gels, shampoo, soap, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.

Hand shield: the shield keeps you safe from knives when cutting fruits, vegetables, or anything.

Under door foam: this foam protects anything from entering or exiting the room from beneath the door and any mark-making on the carpet.

Grain separator/container: this is like a portion of a pot that you have to fill with your desired grains and then you can obtain them out easily by a tap from the container or pot.

Tea leaves holder: this is used to keep the tea leaves in it. Then pour hot water and pull the holder out of it when your desired color of tea comes.

Plastic raincoats: a thin plastic sheet raincoat that is easily carried from one place to another by a ball.

Kitchen towels and sponge holder: It is fixed to a wall and kitchen towels and sponges can be easily hung and placed respectively on it.

Juicer: a juicer appliance that can easily make watermelon juice out of it.

Curtains: beautiful curtains easily adjustable to your door.

Mosquito net: it can be used for a picnic and outdoor parties.

Backcomb pin: make a partition of your hair, pin or clip the hair over there and put the forehead hair above the pin.


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