Sonakshi Sinha Breaks Silence on Her Viral Marriage Picture

Sonakshi Sinha Breaks Silence on Her Viral Marriage Picture With Salman Khan

Actress Sonakshi commented on the news of her marriage to Salman Khan A few days ago, the edited photo of actress Sonakshi Sinha with Salman Khan became very viral. Regarding this viral image on social media, Indians said that Dabangg Khan Salman Khan has secretly married actress Sonakshi.  He was later told by the Indian people that the pictures had been edited with the help of this technology.

Salman Khan did not respond to all this news, but Sonakshi responded to India’s social media news. The marriage was claimed on the basis of the edited photos Commenting on the post to the Indian people, Sonakshi Sinha said, “Are you people so stupid that you don’t know the difference between the original image and the edited image?”

The number of people who responded to Sonakshi’s comment was in the thousands. They also criticized those who spread baseless news and edited such a picture.


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