Spookiz: The Movie – A Fun-Filled Adventure with Cula and Friends

Spookiz: The Movie – A Mysterious Encounter


Once trapped within the confines of a school, Cula, a mischievous vampire, longed for freedom. His spirit yearned for adventure in a universe that felt too small. Amidst the chaos of his peculiar schoolmates and a rival, Cula sought solace in tomato juice, his morning ritual.

A Strange Rivalry

Unbeknownst to Cula, a young boy in his school considered himself a rival. However, Cula dismissed the boy’s attempts, confident in his superiority. His popularity among everyone but this kid only further fueled his pride.

An Unlikely Group

Cula’s school was filled with peculiar characters, including Zizi, a zombie, Kong Kong, a hopping zombie, Kebi, a prankster, and Frankie, easily fooled by Kebi’s tricks. Cula found himself tired of cleaning up after his strange companions.

A Mysterious Threat

The school was suddenly filled with anticipation as a dark force approached. Cula and his friends prepared themselves for the arrival of a dangerous entity. Mr. Reaper, their mentor, warned them about the power of a human’s latest weapon, the cellphone.

Anxiety and Consequences

Mr. Reaper educated them about the impact of losing a cellphone on humans, causing extreme anxiety, crankiness, hallucinations, and even digestive issues. Cula’s friends struggled to focus, leading to a recess and a search for a lost phone.

An Unexpected Twist

A lollipop became the center of a heated dispute, revealing the childishness of their quarrel. Cula’s wish for peace and solitude was interrupted when he stumbled upon a mysterious object, leading to a series of unexpected events.

The Exorcist’s Arrival

The school’s principal called upon an exorcist to investigate the alleged ghost haunting the school. However, Cula and his friends were determined to avoid detection at all costs, fearing the consequences of being exposed to the human world.

A Desperate Act

When a fellow student, Hanah, discovered the truth about Cula and his friends, they realized they had no choice but to silence her to protect their secret. The group debated the potential consequences and reluctantly agreed to get rid of Hanah.

A Surprising Twist of Fate

Cula’s encounter with Hanah took an unexpected turn when he discovered she possessed the power to help him retrieve his broken phone. In a deal to avoid daily disturbances, Cula agreed to help Hanah excel academically in exchange for a new phone.

An Unlikely Partnership

Despite initial skepticism, Cula took on the challenge of helping Hanah achieve top grades. The partnership between a vampire and a human child seemed unlikely, but they embarked on a journey to prove that anything was possible.


As Cula and Hanah worked together, they discovered the power of determination and friendship. Through their unique collaboration, they challenged expectations and showed that even the most unconventional alliances could lead to surprising outcomes.


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