Strobbery Islam Mein Haram Hai Ya Halal | Strawberry Eating Benefits

Strawberries have hit the market. And it attracts the heart with its attractive colors.

who want to eat Most people like to eat strawberries. But there is a question in people’s minds about this. Whether you eat strawberries or not. Eating strawberries is not a sin. Today’s video will explain exactly that.


What are the blessed words of the Prophetufdfa regarding strawberries and why is eating strawberries called a sin? those are facts. something you may not have heard of. Knowing these facts will surprise and confuse you.

Some say. This strawberry is called Zakum. And Zakum is the fruit of hell. Therefore, eating strawberries is unforgivable, but a sin. Because it is the fruit of hell. And how can the fruits of hell be admitted? Is it a matter of deliberation whether eating strawberries on it is a sin? It’s important to understand this.

That is the injury? This is also mentioned in the Holy Quran. And it was called hell man food. Dear brothers and sisters, let me tell you this. The food of the inhabitants of hell is said to be the Zakum tree. Zakum is a prickly, bitter and poisonous plant.

In Urdu dictionaries it is written as ‘Thohar’ or ‘Nag Phan’. There are also various meanings of Zaqum in the Urdu dictionary. Here are some of them. A kind of thorny plant. A tree from which those who are in hell will eat fruit.

The tree of hell where those in hell feed. A prickly, bitter and poisonous Tohar plant. Viper, poisonous and deadly food

Dear brothers, when the truth comes out. So, this plant is spiny, leafless and spiny. Although strawberry plants do not.

And Zakum and Ichigo. Both are completely different in name, appearance and taste. Therefore, it is not correct to call strawberries Zakum. A person who calls strawberries Zakum. It has nothing to do with reality.


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