Who will the party ticket be given for the upcoming general elections? Imran Khan has made it clear.

The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, has made it clear that only loyal and dedicated individuals will be given party tickets for the upcoming general elections.


While speaking to journalists at Zaman Park, Imran Khan stated that the foremost priority of the party is to maintain justice. He added that the current government is not suitable to hold the elections and that the hope lies only with the judiciary to arrange the elections in a timely manner.

Imran Khan stated that before the conference of All Parties Conference (APC), the government was committing acts of terrorism and that the decision to participate in the APC or not will be made later.


The Chairman of PTI repeated his previous statement that in the upcoming general elections, only loyal and dedicated individuals will be given party tickets.

During his discussion with international financial funds, Imran Khan said that Pakistan will face a storm of criticism due to the IMF agreements. He added that the rulers are transferring their money abroad and that the economy of Pakistan can only be revived through the capitalization of the Pakistani people.


Regarding the former Prime Minister and leader of the Muslim League (N), Imran Khan said that their political history is well known to everyone and that…