The Ultimate Guide to the Power of Dua: Breaking Roza Iftar in Ramadan Sharif

The Power of Dua: Breaking Roza Iftar in Ramadan Sharif


Ramadan is a holy month of fasting, prayer, and reflection for Muslims worldwide. During this month, Muslims observe Roza, which involves abstaining from food, drink, and other physical needs from dawn until dusk. Roza is a way to cleanse the soul and increase one’s devotion to Allah. The fast is broken every evening with an Iftar meal, which is a time to break bread with family and friends and give thanks to Allah for the blessings of the day. Dua, or prayer, is an essential part of Ramadan and is considered a powerful tool for seeking Allah’s blessings and guidance. Muslims believe that Dua is a way to communicate with Allah and ask for forgiveness, guidance, and blessings. Breaking Roza Iftar with Dua is a special moment for Muslims, as it is believed to be an occasion when Allah is particularly receptive to prayers.

What is Dua?

Dua is the Arabic word for supplication or invocation. It is an act of communicating with Allah (SWT) by means of prayers, praise, thanksgiving, and asking for forgiveness or guidance. Dua is considered to be one of the most powerful forms of worship in Islam, and it is a means of strengthening the bond between a Muslim and Allah (SWT). During Ramadan Sharif, the act of dua takes on even greater significance. Muslims believe that during this holy month, the gates of heaven are open, and Allah (SWT) is more receptive to the prayers of his worshippers. Breaking Roza Iftar is a particularly special time for dua, as it marks the end of a long day of fasting, and is a moment of celebration and gratitude.

Why is Dua important in breaking Roza Iftar in Ramadan Sharif?

Dua, or prayer, is an important aspect of breaking Roza Iftar in Ramadan Sharif. It is believed that during Ramadan, Allah’s mercy and blessings are at their peak, and thus, the act of breaking one’s fast with Dua is considered an extremely auspicious and blessed act. When one recites Dua, they are essentially asking Allah for forgiveness, guidance, and blessings. This act of humility and submission is what makes Dua so powerful. By reciting Dua during Iftar, one is not only expressing gratitude for the food they are about to eat but also seeking Allah’s blessings and protection. Furthermore, the act of reciting Dua during Iftar brings a sense of unity and togetherness among Muslims. It is a time when families and friends come together to break their fast and recite Dua, strengthening their bond with each other and with Allah.

The significance of Roza Iftar in the Islamic faith

Roza Iftar holds great importance in the Islamic faith and is considered as one of the most significant acts of worship during Ramadan Sharif. It is a time of spiritual reflection and gratitude, where Muslims break their fast after sunset, offering thanks to Allah for providing them with sustenance and strength to carry out their daily tasks during the day-long fast. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has taught Muslims to break their fast with dates and water, following the Sunnah of Prophet Adam (AS). During the Roza Iftar, Muslims gather with their families and friends, share food, and offer prayers together. It is a time for giving and sharing, where people donate food and money to the needy and less fortunate. The act of Roza Iftar is not just about satisfying one’s physical hunger, but it is a time of spiritual nourishment and growth.

In conclusion, breaking Roza Iftar with Dua is a powerful moment of spiritual reflection and renewal for Muslims. It is a time to express gratitude,

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