As we all know that winter is coming, and everyone is preparing themselves to enjoy the beauty of winters. Even though winter season is very beautiful, but it can also damage your skin. In winters our skin becomes dry, red, irritated and itchy. The severe cold breeze of winter removes all the moisture of our skin, leaving it with dryness and itchiness.

To avoid all these problems, and to make your skin glowy and healthy in winters, you just have to follow these simple tips. These simple ways will help you to keep your skin fresh and glowy, so you can feel your best throughout the whole winter season.



  • Moisturize regularly

The dryness that is caused by cold breeze will be easily be avoided by moisturizing your skin frequently. Use moisturizer after washing up every day. Use hand creams to make your hands skin soft and moisturized.


  • Apply Sunscreen

On bright winter days, snow reflects sun rays which damages to your skin cells, so it’s  important for you to use sunscreen in winter as it is in summer. When you go out, use moisturizer and sunscreen to all your exposed body areas.


  • Wear Appropriate and comfortable clothes

Most of the time, cold weather clothes makes your skin dry and itchy. Use light layers, breathable fabric clothes so that they will not cause itchiness and dryness.


  •  Eat Right and Stay Hydrated

It is very important to eat healthy to have a healthy skin. In winters to maintain healthy skin  eat food which is rich in omega-6 and omega-3 and drink adequate amount of water. 

  • Adjust your skin care routine

If your skin becomes dry, red, itchy because of the dry winter weather, then you may want to do a skin care routine for the time being. Use serums, toners and other types of products to make your skin healthy and fresh. Apply Sunscreen and moisturizer in daylight and serum and cleanser in night.

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