Top 6 weight loss medicines – Everything you need to know

Our tip: we recommend talking with a dermatologist or certified doctor before using any medications. Do not use without consulting your doctor. It can lead to various psychological and physical problems. So take better care of yourself in this regard.

Weight loss medication is best for:

There are many factors that contribute to weight loss. However, you can get weight loss medications if you are facing the following conditions.

  • Unable to lose weight with the help of workouts and diet plans
  • Body index of a person must be more than 30
  • Body index of an individual is 27 or more than that. It is an alarming situation. It can cause numerous blood pressure problems, renal dysfunction, sugar, and insulin imbalance.

The mass index of the body that is more than 25 is unhealthy. However, more than 30 is considered hazardous. Therefore, a person with this much high mass is obese. Obesity is a disease, and one must take this seriously, just like any other disease.

A certified physician considers numerous things before recommending a specific medication to the doctor. Therefore, a person must know the benefits and side effects of a drug. That way, a person will know better about the medication.

Always remember this point: Pregnant women taking weight loss medications is highly discouraged by doctors. Usage of weight loss medications by pregnant women or breastfeeding women will cause severe harm to the baby. Also, those women trying to get pregnant should not use these pills. It can harm the baby and mother too.

Effectiveness of weight loss medications:

Doctors recommend various weight loss medications. These medications are quite effective in reducing weight faster. However, a weight loss medication should be used for at least three months. Perhaps you should avoid binge eating. Instead, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because this will nullify the effects of weight loss medications. In order to get the maximum benefit from these medications:

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Act strictly on diet plans
  • Take your pills regularly (as prescribed)

You can quickly lose 4% to 5% of your weight by only making lifestyle changes at home. Read our well-researched article on weight loss tips at home. We filled this article with easy and helpful tips for weight loss.

Some important things you should know:

No insurance company covers the expenses of weight loss medication. However, you can always ask them to pay for it.

Some obese people lose weight because of weight loss medications. But, because of little to no changes in the lifestyle. This person might gain too much weight again. Therefore, it’s best to make modest changes in your life as a whole.

People who take weight loss medications have some minor symptoms. These symptoms can be small, intermediate, or immense.

Minor: these symptoms are not deadly, such as nausea, bloating, and stomachache.

Intermediate: water imbalances may occur for a while. These can, later on, cause constipation and diarrhea.

Huge: these symptoms don’t occur very often. It is mainly due to an overdose of weight loss medications.

We can wipe all the side effects out if you use these pills as prescribed by your doctor. Talk with your doctor about the side effects and drawbacks of using a particular drug. Before starting a weight loss journey, do proper research. The doctor knows better, so it is best in your interest to follow the guidelines provided by them.

Certified and approved drugs for weight loss:

The U. S Food and Drug Administration recognizes all the drugs on this list. These are the best weight loss drugs. They are highly effective and great for weight loss.

Working mechanism of these drugs: some drugs decrease the hunger of the body, and some work by making a person feel full as if they have already eaten the food. However, some drugs work by decreasing the nutrient content of the body. Meanwhile, these weight loss medications basically reduce the substance in the body that contributes to increasing the weight.

Phentermine – Lomaira

Obesity is hard to solve. However, with this medication, you can lose weight gradually. Due to obesity, numerous other diseases can happen, such as diabetes, blood pressure, and many more.

A proper way of taking Phentermine:

  • Do not mix it in any solution or water. Take it directly by your mouth so it will enter the system appropriately.
  • In the beginning, take one pill before or after breakfast.
  • The dose is usually increased after a particular time. Such as three pills per day.

Do not chew the pill and avoid taking it in the afternoon or noon. It can cause sleep disruption and numerous problems.

Side effects:

  • Leaving the treatment in between can lead to grievous consequences. Mental disturbances are a common occurrence in this case.
  • Mood swings
  • Inability to take proper breaths
  • Irritability and itching
  • Insomnia rarely

Not suitable for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Mentally unstable individuals
  • Heart patients
  • Hyperthyroidism patients

However, this drug works effectively in weight loss. An obese person can lose up to 5% of their weight in just three months. This weight loss medication miraculously helps in getting desired results.

Qsymia – Topiramate

With mere medication, you will see significant weight loss. With changes in your behavior, lifestyle, and eating plan. You can drastically lose an enormous sum of weight. Talk with your doctor before taking any medication. There are many things that a person must know before taking weight loss pills. Read this article till the end to know about weight loss medications.

A proper way of taking Qsymia:

There is no specific way or recommendation for taking this weight loss medication. The only way to know the dosage is by consulting with a highly experienced professional. However, only limited, experienced, and highly trained pharmacies can issue this weight loss medication. Only they can prescribe this medicine to the patients.

Side effects:

  • People who stop taking this medication have experienced severe seizures
  • Can be addictive just like alcohol and other drugs
  • Sometimes body becomes resistant to this drug due to a long consistent dosage

Not suitable for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Patients with kidney issues
  • Dehydrated people

People can take Qsymia in vast quantities or low too. This weight loss medication is so strong that, according to a survey, people lost almost more than 7% of body weight by using Qsymia in small quantities. However, those taking Qsymia in large dosages lost more than 9% of body weight. This weight loss medication is so powerful.

Contrave – Bupropion / Naltrexone

Contrave is effective in reducing the weight of a person. According to recent research, people lost five times more weight with the help of Contrave. Meanwhile, people lost less weight with the use of the placebo technique. In this research, Contrave and many techniques were applied. These techniques revolve around the mindset of a person. Therefore, the researchers combined medicine and the mind. The results were quite remarkable.

A proper way of taking Contrave:

  • Take this weight loss medicine by mouth.
  • We recommend taking this medicine twice a day
  • Make sure that your diet is not rich in fat content

Avoid taking this medicine before going to bed. Take this medicine at the same time every day. Suppose you take one pill at 7 am on day 1. On day 2, take the pill at 7 am sharp. This way weight loss medicine will work better. You will lose plenty of weight in a brief time span.

Side effects:

  • Eye infections
  • Vision issues
  • Mental disturbances
  • Tremors

Not suitable for:

  • Drug addicts
  • People who actively intake massive amounts of heroin
  • Anorexic

Side effects of Contrave are relatively lower than other weight loss medications. Therefore, a person can use it for weight loss. This drug effectively reduces the weight of a person.

Xenical – Orlistat

Xenical heavily contributes to the absorption of nutrients in the body. The main focus of this weight loss medication is fats. As you know, fats increase the weight of a person. Tell the pharmacist or your doctor about your health history thoroughly. Any allergic reactions because of trauma or genetic. It is pretty helpful in reducing the side effects.

A proper way of taking Xenical:

  • Take one pill after a meal
  • Must fill your meal with fats. In case you are eating something that is not rich in fat substances, do not take Xenical
  • Take three tablets per day

Side effects:

  • No bowel control
  • Muscles weaken due to which frequent bowel movements occur
  • Diarrhea

Not suitable for:

  • Pregnant
  • Digestive issues
  • Damaged cholecyst

Some people think that increasing the dosage will get them faster results. It is just a blatant lie and a misconception. By increasing the dosage, you will increase the chances of getting side effects from weight loss pills.

Saxenda – Liraglutide

This weight-loss medicine slows down the process of digestion. Therefore, food will slowly leave your body. Food is already in your stomach, so you won’t feel the need to eat food again and again. It reduces the hunger level. So a person won’t feel an urge to binge eat.

A Proper Way to take Saxenda:

  • Clean the area (thigh, arm, or skin) with rubbing alcohol
  • Inject this weight loss medication into a particular area
  • Your doctor will tell you the exact dose of Saxenda injection after closely looking at all the symptoms and history

Side effects:

  • Laziness
  • Inadequate water reabsorption
  • Chest pain

Not suitable for:

  • Patients with cancer history

The color of the medicine is weird, or it is not the same as usual. See whether the product is expired or not. This weight loss medication is so powerful. It effectively reduces the weight of a person.


Saxenda and wegovy work in almost the same way. They are both injected into the body of a patient. There are few to zero cases of allergic reactions regarding this weight loss medication. However, consulting your doctor before taking medicine is the best way to avoid dire circumstances. Always talk with your doctor before taking any weight loss medication.

A Proper Way to take medication:

  • Clean the areas arm, hand, or area where you will inject Wegovy.
  • The doctor will start with low doses and increase them with the passage of time. The dose depends on your physical condition and health.

This weight loss medication is usually injected into the patient only time in a whole week. Therefore after seeing the condition of patient-doctor makes a decision. The decision is how much dosage I should increase? Or should I replace this weight loss medication with another drug?. These are some crucial decisions that a doctor has to make for the well-being of a patient. A patient sees results after the doctor sees all the possible pros and cons of a weight-loss drug.

Side effects:

  • Bowel issues
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach ache
  • Inability to digest the food
  • Migraine
  • Tiredness
  • Makes a person light headed
  • Groggy

Not suitable for:

  • Diabetic patients can face severe fluctuations in blood sugar level
  • Pregnant women
  • Women trying to conceive

This weight loss medication is not appropriate for pregnant women. The reason is that this medication travels in the body. While traveling in the body, this medicine might enter the breast milk too. Thus, it can cause serious harm to the baby and the mother of the baby. While taking this weight loss medication, if you become pregnant, quit the medicine. However, going to your doctor and getting a proper checkup is the best solution to this problem.

Things you should tell your doctor:

There is a list of things that you must mention to your pharmacist or doctor before getting a prescription. You can face severe circumstances and side effects if you do not tell these things. Read this list till the end. Therefore, you can get the best prescription from your doctor.

  • History: tell the physician if any person has faced the same issue before. It will help the doctor decide whether the disease you have is genetically or acquired.
  • Allergies: patients often get tempted after seeing the benefits of various pills. They think that it will give them numerous beneficial results. Therefore, they do not tell a doctor about their allergies. Sometimes patients even lie about the situation. It can sometimes even cause death and organ dysfunction.
  • Discoloration of medicine: a patient should immediately inform the pharmacist or doctor when they notice that the drug has a different color. It can be due to various reasons such as expiry product, faulty product and many more.
  • Side effects: notice all the changes appearing in your body after taking weight loss medication. We do not recommend overthinking and jumping to conclusions. We do not support this ideology. Suppose you take a medicine, and after a few doses, you notice minor changes in the body that are negligible. However, if the intensity of pain increases, see your doctor immediately. Wait for at least a week to see whether it is just a reasonable response from your body. If the pain does not stop after a week, tell your physician/doctor.

Things you should know before getting a prescription:

A patient’s first choice is to be healthy as soon as possible. No matter what medicines, pills, homemade tips, or tricks they have to follow. A patient wants immediate and frequent results. Therefore, sometimes they forget to ask the most crucial questions. Losing weight is not a difficult task at all. One only needs to make some lifestyle changes and a positive mindset. With the help of this, an obese person can get desired outcomes. However, patients often forget to ask some essential questions to the doctor. Sometimes doctors even tell them all the crucial things, but patients ignore them. A patient should know all the things mentioned in the list below. Knowing these vital points is necessary. They play a crucial part in deciding whether you should take particular weight loss medicine or not.

  • Overdose: this is a patient’s right to know everything about the medicine. Because a patient will intake this medicine. It is helpful in deciding whether the patients want to select the medication.
  • Side effects: some weight loss medicines have numerous side effects. However, they effectively reduce the weight of a person. Therefore, this is up to the patient to decide whether they want to take a risk or not.
  • Preventions: there are side effects of almost everything in the world. However, you can reduce the side effects by accurately taking the medicines. By knowing the precautions, a patient can decrease the chances of side effects. It also increases the effectiveness of a drug.
  • Accurate dosage: knowing the exact amount of a drug is necessary. It eliminates the risks of overdoses to a great extent.

Avoid this food while using weight loss medications:


Alcohol contains many contents that heavily contribute to the increasing weight of a person. Therefore, a person should cut out alcohol, beer, and all kinds of drinks from the diet.


The full form is MAOIs, which are Monoamine oxidase inhibitors. A person should avoid taking this drug if they are choosing to go on weight loss medication. Talk to your doctor about whether cutting off MAOIs is a better option for you or not.

Weight loss medication is not healthy for

Pregnant women:

Many weight loss medications enter the female body, and they become a part of breast milk for a while. When this situation occurs, a lot of organs of a newborn baby can stop functioning. In some cases, the organs are unable to operate accordingly. Therefore, it is best for pregnant women to avoid weight loss medications.

Drug addicts:

Due to excessive intake of drugs, these patients might face some severe side effects. There are various side effects for drug addicts who use weight loss medications. Some drug addicts become unmindful of their surroundings, have seizures, and, in severe cases, people are diagnosed with schizophrenia.


Various doctors recommend that alcoholics should avoid using weight loss medications.

Eating disorder:

Obese patients suffer from an eating disorder. Especially people with anorexia should never take weight loss medications. It can lead to dangerous circumstances. In some cases, weight loss exceeds to a great extent. It can even lead to death in some patients.


Children should not take weight loss medications. There are many nutrients in the body of a human being. Therefore, a growing child must not use these weight loss medications. Our body works because of metabolism, ATP generation, and many other processes. There are various energy resources.

Xenical is a weight loss medicine that is safe for children. However, only children over 13 years or older can take this weight loss medication. Parents must consult with a doctor before making any decision. There is no clear information about other weight loss medications. Therefore we don’t know whether they are effective for children or not.


Trust your doctor. If your doctor has recommended any medicine to you, they already know the pros and cons of using an original weight loss medication. The benefits must be higher than the disadvantages. That’s why they recommended the medicine to you. However, if you see severe side effects, see your doctor immediately.

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